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FRIDAY JULY 28, 10:00PM 

Stand Up.jpg
Stand Up
USA / Drama / 16 minutes

Director: Diamond Batiste

Writer: Diamond Batiste, Dessaline Etienne

Producer: Diamond Batiste, Sayre Crabtree

Cast: Braelyn Simon, Damien Wayans, Karlous Miller

When Shaniece is invited to perform stand-up comedy at an open mic night, she sees it as a chance to earn some extra money to care for her sister.

What's The Matter 1.jpg
What's The Matter?
USA / Comedy / 19 minutes

Director/Writer: Ryan Vance

Producer: Ryan Vance, Georgia T. Willow, Madison Perkins

Cast: Georgia T. Willow, Alejandro Pelayo, Joseph Pearlman

When a college student brings home her older boyfriend to meet the family, he quickly becomes radicalized by her Zapruder-loving family.

F Marry Kill.JPG
F*ck Marry Kill
USA / Drama / 17 minutes

Director/Writer: Suzanne Luna

Producer: Suzanne Luna, Noah Alexander

Cast: Brent Bailey, Noelle Lara, Dustin Green

When an insecure fiancé tries to host the perfect dinner party, a surprise guest derails the night with a seemingly innocent card game that exposes the monster in all of them.

USA / Drama / 17 minutes

Director/Writer: Sebastian John

Producer: Sebastian John, Kenny Breslin

Cast: Miah Flamm, Rachel Coopes, Toria Michel

A dark comedy short that follows a foolish narcissist trying to keep his chaotic life together shortly after his boss asks him to escort his father in law to his wedding.

The Trunk.JPG
The Trunk
USA / Drama / 8 minutes

Director: Logan Boettcher

Writer: Kathy Boettcher, Logan Boettcher

Producer: Kathy Boettcher

Cast: Jim Cody Williams, Sloan Boettcher, Darin Keith Martin

Deep in the desert a distraught man sits in his car and waits for dawn. Inside the trunk his wife begins to cry. Soon the morning light will reveal that things aren't always as they seem.

Traces of a Painted Lady_edited.jpg
Traces of a Painted Lady
USA / Experimental / 8 minutes

Director/Writer: Adi Kalidindi

Producer: Ashish Penematcha

Cast: Arasha Lalani, Sushant Adlakha

While alone with his wife in a gothic mansion, a painter is haunted by a nightmarish sequence of events.

My Scary Indian Weadding_edited_edited.j
My Scary Indian Wedding
USA / Horror / 11 minutes

Director/Writer: Ramone Menon

Producer: Ramone Menon

Cast: Misha Molani, Patrick Rutnam, Lexa Gluck

A bridesmaid has to forcefully get married to her soulmate before dawn in order to escape the wrath of a vengeful demon

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