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Heather's Voice_edited.jpg
Heather's Voice
USA / Drama / 17 minutes

Director/Writer: Shicong Zhu

Producer: Robin Wang, Kara Fein, Lameng Bei

Cast: Hana Wu, Jordan Nguyen

Tasked with promoting a tech company’s VR innovations, a young scientist risks her job when she decides to use her creations to faithfully serve a grief-stricken family - rather than follow the company’s wish to stage a publicity stunt.

Get Away.JPG
Get Away
USA / Horror / 15 minutes

Director: Michael Gabriele

Writer: Anthony Jefferson, Michael Gabriele

Producer: Danny Rhodes, Mike McNamara

Cast: Lisa Starrett, Steph Martinez, Ericka Lane Enggren

A group of friends spending the weekend at a remote vacation rental in the desert, play a mysterious VHS tape, and realize that there are too many strange and terrifying coincidences.

USA / Drama / 16 minutes

Director/Writer: Michelle Krusiec

Producer: Guo Guo, Michael Abbott

Cast: Kristen Hung, Kirsten Hoang, Mike Sears

An immigrant Taiwanese mother experiences the impotency of her rage when her daughter and husband leave her emotionally stranded.

USA / Drama / 18 minutes

Director: Aida Gevorgyan

Writer: Carly Rogers

Producer: Carly Rogers, Josie Andrews, Caleb Smith

Cast: Ryan Lucy, Susan Han, Nina Boyer

When a dancer wins an audition to an elite conservatory, she must balance caring for her dying mother and her own growing pill addiction in order to change her life.

JULY 4th, 2020_edited.jpg
July 4th, 2020
USA / Drama / 29 minutes

Director: Joe Juanyao Zheng

Writer: Joe Juanyao Zheng, Vanessa Leqi Kong

Producer: Jingzhe Vincent Wang, Joe Juanyao Zheng, Yaxing Lin

Cast: Havon Baraka, Jizhong Jamie Zhang, Mingze Jason Sun

July 2020, at the peak of the pandemic in the city of Los Angeles, misunderstandings and conflicts between a Chinese immigrant father, a white restaurant owner, and a young black man escalate into a tumultuous climax..

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