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Play Date_edited.jpg
Play Date
USA / Comedy / 10 minutes

Director/Writer: Kate Lord Schnepf

Producer: Marta Roncada

Cast: Lane Rosa, Olivia Berris

A young girl learns the cost of friendship

The Scare Bee_edited.jpg
The Sacred Bees
USA / Drama / 16 minutes

Director/Writer: Kay Qiao

Producer: Apoorv Arora

Cast: Shane Dorriz, Suvi Honkanen

A caring man is finally forced to go out of his way to hunt down his love of life after her unbearable attitude switch and silent treatment

Not But I Want to.JPG
No But I Want To
USA / Drama / 13 minutes

Director/Writer: Greta Jung

Producer: Mitch Yapko, Greta Jung

Cast: Greta Jung, Lawrence Kao

A commitment-phobic woman tries to commit to love.

Midnight Noon_edited.jpg
Midnight Noon
USA / Drama / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Win Jai-Sua

Producer: Win Jai-Sua

Cast: Steffie Baik, Anita Liao, Kiki Yeung

When a young creative director leaves work after hours, her chance encounter with an unusual security guard leads to a surreal night of searching for her car. She questions reality and reminisces about her past as they journey to different levels of the parking structure.

No Mas Poder_edited.jpg
A Más No Poder
USA / Drama / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Ruben Fuentes

Producer: Andres Angel Portilla, Ines Lola Delleville, Margaret Duggan

Cast: Valentin Javier, Susana Ramos, Ricardo Effe

A Mas No Poder is a story about making life-threatening decisions and taking desperate measures in order to survive in a cruel and difficult world.

Nobody Likes Raisins.jpg
Nobody Likes Raisins
USA / Comedy / 7 minutes

Director/Writer: Natasa Eleftheriou

Producer: Timothy Coughlin

Cast: Lauren Lopes, Bella Shaw, Marsha Bagwell

What I wish I could have done after being bullied by my college soccer coach and team.

USA / Drama / 19 minutes

Director: Denali Chin

Writer: Denali Chin, Amber Okeh

Producer: Venk Potula, David Xu

Cast: Aglaya Semenova, Regen Wilson, Téa Watson

Held captive by her abusive father, a curious young girl's world is forever changed when she discovers a secret cell phone. But in order to save herself and her sister, she must risk everything to escape her father.

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