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SUNDAY JULY 23, 10:00PM 

Just Lie to Me.jpg
Just Lie to Me
USA / Drama / 16 minutes

Director: Kelly Walker

Writer: Kylie Alesso

Producer: Jordan Dunn, Ryan Halprin, Kylie Alesso

Cast: Kylie Alesso, Ian Mcquown

Just Lie to Me is a dark comedy centered around two people navigating their identities: Noah, a well-off intellectual who gets pressured by his coworker into soliciting a girl for the night and Brooke, who gets mistaken as a sex worker and decides to go along with it.

Happy Ending.jpg
Happy Ending
USA / Drama / 17 minutes

Director: Élodie Yung

Writer: Élodie Yung, Jonathan Howard

Producer: Jonathan Howard, Matthew Keene Smith, Jason McLagan

Cast: Jasmine Sims, Martha Milan, Tossapon "Didi" Banks

A Cambodian woman, carrying a tragic secret, comes to America to work in an illicit massage parlor in hopes of making a better life for her family

USA / Drama / 17 minutes

Director: Jelena Nik

Writer: Jelena Nik, Daniella Sina

Producer: Jelena Nik, Kevin Maxwell, Frey Dagne

Cast: Carolyn Dodd, Nicole Bilderback, Matthew Jayson Cwern

Determined to become a professional dancer, Emma, falls prey to a sophisticated grooming scheme that derails her plans and leads her into the dark world of human trafficking.

A Friendly Turn.jpg
A Friendly Turn
USA / Drama / 6 minutes

Director/Writer: Boris Schaarschmidt

Producer: Boris Schaarschmidt

Cast: Nicole Kendrot, Bella Appel, Ben Solenberger

Two couples meet for dinner to reconnect after they haven’t seen each other since high school. Let's see what secrets come out and if they still get along.

Real Italian Pizza.JPG
Real Italian Pizza
USA / Drama / 7 minutes

Director/Writer: Will Proctor

Producer: Will Proctor, Logan Pollack, Christian Ryder

Cast: Faizan Uzma, Joshua Woodall

Real Italian Pizza: By Real Italians (Or A Dollar Off Your Pizza)

Moving Day.jpg
Moving Day
USA / Thriller / 9 minutes

Director: Taylor O’Neil

Writer: Taylor O'Neil, Medalion Rahimi

Producer: Medalion Rahimi, Samantha Robinson, Taylor O’Neil

Cast: Medalion Rahimi, Samantha Robinson

In this satirical and campy "who-dunnit", a young woman moves into a new house she finds on Craigslist - only to discover her new roommate has been murdered.

USA / Horror / 17 minutes

Director/Writer: Scout Pertofsky

Producer: Gianfranco Svalgelj, Natalie G Hill

Cast: Lisa Jacqueline Starett, Jeff Deglow, Alicia Underwood

A salary worker trapped in her office building after dark finds herself in a battle of wits and strength against a mysterious creature that not only wants her life but her job too.

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