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Running Out of Time.JPG
Running Out of Time
USA / Music Video / 4 minutes

Director: Meg Darbourne

Producer: Mary Grebing

Cast: Georgia Bridgers, Emily Dauer, Emily Afton

Running Out of Time is about the realization of being in a toxic relationship. The video captures the liberating moment when you finally decide to break free, embracing the newfound freedom that comes with choosing happiness over prolonged unhappiness, recognizing that life is too short to remain entangled in with someone you don’t love anymore.

USA / Comedy / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Cooper James Shepherd

Producer: Riley Bathauer, Katie Basu

Cast: Bailey Tait, Madeleine Ince, Jasmin Park

A group of mid-20s friends are getting ready to ring in the new year at their high school reunion party. Joey (she/ her) once again finds herself drunk on the floor, despite her best efforts to join the grown up table. Confined to the bathroom, she navigates a rotating door of old friends, new enemies, emergent lovers, and a firework show gone wrong.

The Orange at the Seder_edited.jpg
The Orange at the Seder
USA / Drama / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Jacob Combs

Producer: Maura Turner, Matt Garland

Cast: Circus-Szalewski, Andy Cohen, Virginia Ma

A young queer man upends the traditions of his beloved mentor’s all-LGBTQ Passover seder when he brings his first-ever girlfriend to dinner, antagonizing the chosen father figure who’s only ever known him as gay.

Prom Queen_edited.jpg
Prom Queen
USA / Drama / 20 minutes

Director/Writer: Cynthia Nguyen

Producer: Adrian Gallardo

Cast: Tiffany Huang, Daryin Martinez, Legacy Chang-Santos

Instead of going to prom, Camera decides to meet her internet crush, but her night is turned upside down when she realizes that her date is none other than Margo, the prom queen

172 Push-Ups.jpg
172 Push-Ups
USA / Drama / 15 minutes

Director: Frieda Naphsica de Lackner

Writer: Scott Mullen

Producer: Frieda Naphsica de Lackner, Nika Khitrova, Rodney Nugent

Cast: Krystal Monique Mosley, Christina Wren, Richard White

A female soldier returning home to propose to her girlfriend meets a Vietnam vet who doesn’t approve of same-sex marriage and they are ultimately able to form a friendship and positively influence each other.

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