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SUNDAY JULY 21, 1:00 PM 

USA / Drama / 14 minutes

Director/Writer: Mayank Deogaonkar

Producer: Mayank Deogaonkar, Durva Nandapurkar

Cast: Shriswara, Mahek

Butterscotch is a story about acceptance. DR. MAYA SHARMA, a single mother and physician by profession, has her daughter, DIA SHARMA’s, life planned out for her. Dia is supposed to go to medical school and become a doctor, like her mother.

Flip Side_edited.jpg
Flip Side
USA / Drama / 16 minutes

Director/Writer: Jayne Brook

Producer: Jayne Brook, Tiffany Wu

Cast: Heather L. Tyler, Ilies Pidzy, Morgan Samstag, Luke Nelson

Curious about the voice on the phone in Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation, Jayne set out to explore the trope of the nagging wife and look under the hood to see what’s happening at home while a husband is away.

A Memory of Petra.jpg
A Memory of Petra
USA / Drama / 8 minutes

Director: Matthew Wisdom

Writer: Luke D'Agnese

Producer: Zach Lowhurst

Cast: Jodran Liebowitz, Jonathan Scherck, Irina Aylyarova

A historical drama that follows Johnas Fruber, a composer living in
1930s Germany. After the passing of his beloved wife, Johnas takes the stage to present his life’s work: one final symphony in her memory. On the eve of the performance,

The Slide Rock Screecher.jpg
The Slide Rock Screecher
USA / Comedy/ 15 minutes

Director: Ethan Locy

Writer: Moggs Drews

Producer: Grant Cowan

Cast: Hannah Pearcy, Chloe Martinez, Charles Karafotas


Darcine's Day.jpg
Darcine's Day
USA / Drama / 16 minutes

Director/Writer: Aaron Goffman

Producer: Vidal Cohen, Jeaneth Goffman, Tom Ragazzo

Cast: Kyla Diane Kennedy, Brent Huff

We spend the day with Darcine Thomas (Kyla Diane Kennedy), divorced and jobless, as she struggles to get back on her feet. She plans to start a new business to help those living on the streets, and struggles to find her own new job, but hits obstacles at every turn.

Sunrise Boulevard.jpg
Sunrise Boulevard
USA / Drama / 20 minutes

Director/Writer: Mike Montagna

Producer: Roy Shellef, Mike Montagna

Cast: Joseph Lopez, Leota Rhodes, Rebecca Ritz

1955. An in-crisis famous actress enrolls in a Clinic that helps artists to find inspiration through a pioneering sorrow therapy.
The therapy doesn't work with her. The other artists start to take inspiration from her sunny presence.

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