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Le Jardin - Anna5_edited_edited.jpg
Le Jardin - Anna
France / Music Video / 5 minutes

Director/Writer: Sebastien Salamand

Producer: Arnaud Laflaquiere, Laura Salamand

Cast: Ychun Chen, Jules Mellot

Anna receives a strange message from the past. A letter tied around a paving stone. There was a time when she was in love. But today everything's all over. And she relives these memories, locked in masterpieces. From Dali to Van Gogh, she travels through these ancient emotions.

USA / Animation / 5 minutes

Director/Writer: Douglas Young Riggs

Producer: Carlos Mason, Liz Cardenas

Cast: Elisha Herbert, Renee Herbert, Ella Purnell

“Toast” is an exercise in shutting down the frontal lobe during the writing process in hopes of catching lighting in a bottle, both in the written word and corresponding imagery. A five minute waterfall of automatic cadence about how we, as humans, argue and negotiate with ourselves every morning over the simple task of getting out of bed...and what massive consequences that seemingly small decision has over our lives.

5.7 seconds
USA / Thriller / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Tim Aslin, Shane Cibella

Producer: Tim Aslin, Shane Cibella

Cast: Shante DeLoach, Henry Hetz, Whitney Tai

When an unseen threat forces a young woman to take refuge in an abandoned car, she must determine where the true danger lies: inside or out.

USA / Horror / 11 minutes

Director: Adam Freise, Nathan Freise

Writer: Adam Freise, Nathan Freise, Jeremy Elvis Herman

Producer: Phill Gee, Michael Kennedy, Jeremy Elvis Herman

Cast: Joseph Lopez, Leo Ramsey, Ethan Konner Post

When an elite competition offers a young artist the opportunity to escape destitution, he must face the blood sacrifices required to enter. After many failures, key memories inspire him to pursue his masterpiece on his own terms.

Pop Monsters.jpg
Pop Monsters
USA / Horror / 14 minutes

Director/Writer: Megan Brooks

Producer: Nilou Safinya

Cast: Laurel Marsden, Yasmeen Fletcher, Ally Loannides

When a teenage girl scores 2 VIP tickets to the most sought after pop star concert of the year, she decides to use that power and play a game with her 3 best friends to determine who gets to go with her. The game slowly pushes the girls to their limits until they lose all control and chaos ensues.

DM from Charlie.jpg
DM from Charlie
USA / Horror / 9 minutes

Director: Allen Cordell

Writer: Jonathan Howell

Producer: Eric Michael Kochmer, Christopher Funderburg, Rick Cutter

Cast: Haley Wolff, Andy Gates, Trevor Goober

After receiving a strange DM from someone named Charlie, Samantha has visions of a hooded stalker haunting her subconscious. Is he real, or is her anxiety just acting up again?

Sky is Heaven_edited_edited.jpg
Sky is Heaven
Malaysia / Horror / 14 minutes

Director/Writer: Aiman Samat

Producer: Tiffany Przybyla, Davis Nann, Sabrina Darian

Cast: Sarah Sawyer, Renea Dorr Huff, Austin Brooks

A young woman is forced to tail a cult leader who is responsible for abducting her little sister.

Deep Cut_edited.jpg
Deep Cut
USA / Horror / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Michelle Farrah Huang

Producer: Keir Gilchrist, Torre Catalano, Megan Kay Jordan

Cast: Michelle Farrah Huang, Keir Gilchrist, Sugar Lyn Beard

In the isolating depths of a low budget film set, a depressed actor finds an unexpected ally in a local background performer. But as their bond deepens, our lead actor is plunged into a psychological battle, forcing her to confront her demons.

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