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The Flower Champion
USA / Drama / 10 minutes

Director/Writer: Pablo Banuelos

Producer: Pablo Banuelos

Cast: Andy Camberos, Alejandro Sangines, Alexander Chavez

A young Mexican wrestling fanatic spends his summer selling flowers on the street helplessly looking for action in his life until a pair of thieves bring the action to him.

USA / Drama / 15 minutes

Director: Meghann Artes

Writer: Anna Maria Hozian

Producer: Joe Lyons, Anna Maria Hozian, Meghann Artes

Cast: Ora Jones, London Wygant, Angela Morris

When a group home for boys closes and a single mother who has regained custody of her son does not show up on the final day, the house mother must go in search of the boy’s mom before heading off to her new life where she hopes to reconcile with her own estranged daughter.

USA / Sci-Fi / 20 minutes

Director: Pablo Riesgo Almonacid

Writer: Pablo Riesgo Almonacid, Lucy Mastrullo

Producer: Santi Naidoo

Cast: Nana Visitor, Jayda Aslan, Rene Leech

When an engineer who destroys malfunctioning androids encounters a shocking abnormality in a rebellious patient, she risks everything to save her new friend and herself.

USA / Sci-Fi / 14 minutes

Director/Writer: Noah Castro

Producer: Nick Zuvic

Cast: Lucero Cardoza, Alix Elizabeth Gitter, Tom Gallop

A Central American migrant attempts to pass a covert immigration screening process in the hopes of reuniting with her estranged father, forty million miles away.

USA / Drama / 30 minutes

Director/Writer: Justin Garza

Producer: Ray Mendoza, Patricia Garza, Justin Garza

Cast: Alex Angelikis, Nate Boyer, Paul de Gelder, Chris Alvarez

All Navy SEAL, PEACHY CARNEHAN, has known his entire life is fighting and training to be an assassin for the United States government. Desiring a “normal life,” he gets out of the military with no intentions of looking back. When he finds that “normal life” is not what he thought it was, it all changes when an old teammate, DANNY DRAVOT, finds him and offers up a special mission.

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