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Impasto Syndrome.jpg
Impasto Syndrome
USA / Horror / 10 minutes

Director: James A. Heim

Writer: James A. Heim, Vincent Stoia

Producer: Mario Norvil, Genevieve Villarreal

Cast: Rosa Procaccino, Jesse Hebert, Julie Lucido

Triggered by deep fears and anxieties, a troubled painter is haunted by frightening visions as she attempts to finish her latest work.

Out of Body_edited.jpg
Out of Body
USA / Horror / 14 minutes

Director: Joseph Le

Writer: Ryan Kim

Producer: Cina McKenna, Aimee Hawkins

Cast: Lestonja Diaz, Lestonja Diaz, Alexya Garcia

Out of Body is a short film about a sheltered woman, Lily, who wants to express her sexuality and freedom.

USA / Drama / 10 minutes

Director/Writer: Darnell Brown

Producer: Randy Becker, Darnell Brown, Angela Lewis

Cast: Angela Lewis, Tyee Tilghman, Tom Ayers

A fresh, off-beat dramedy that follows a passionate mental health worker as she struggles to balance her uniquely challenging job with keeping a promise to her daughter. Inspired by the writer/director’s experience as a former mental health professional.

USA / Comedy / 12 minutes

Director/Writer: Angus Cash Ebeling

Producer: Charlotte Siegel, Nathaniel Milchan

Cast: Taj Cross, Armani Rivera

BUCKSHOT is an absurd comedy following two lawless brothers, and their trusty station wagon, as they commit a series of petty robberies that lead them to butt heads over their diverging morals.

SUMMONS Still .jpeg
USA / Comedy / 16 minutes

Director/Writer: Ken Cheng

Producer: James Shin, Ken Cheng

Cast: Alexandra Shipp, Jimmy O. Yang, Donald Faison

When two anxiety-ridden strangers are summoned by the government to fulfill their civic responsibilities, they become increasingly worried that their lives will never be the same.

The Proposal.JPG
The Proposal
USA / Action / 6 minutes

Director: Dan Liu

Writer: Uttera Singh

Producer: Neraida Bega, Mike Chat

Cast: Neraida Bega, Joshua Mabie

Special agent Jay plans the perfect proposal to his longtime partner Alex upon completion of their mission but when she loses her temper over her new shoes, all hope is lost for a “happy ever after” ending.

I Didn't Get The Memo.JPG
I Didn't Get The Memo
USA / Comedy / 8 minutes

Director/Writer: Joshua Guillaume

Producer: Amber Sammet

Cast: Michelle Davidson, Graham Shafer, Jamie Marrow

A meeting is called at a strange office. An absurd sequence of events ensues.

Tripping The Fantastic_edited.jpg
Tripping The Fantastic
USA / Drama / 17 minutes

Director/Writer: Matthew Burns

Producer: Matthew Burns, Ashley Aronson

Cast: Marietta Melrose, Shea Brockway

It's Christmas Eve and two sisters, Annie and Denise, are together for the first time since their parents passed away. They take psychedelic mushrooms and Annie is tormented by an entity from beyond The Void.

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