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All The Rage
USA / Comedy / 11 minutes

Director: Benji Gillespie

Writer: Leland Douglas, Benji Gillespie

Producer: Leland Douglas, Benji Gillespie, Anthony Marquez

Cast: Anthony Marquez, Michele Dawson

A meditation instructor tries to take control over his lifelong anger problem, but finds he is tested at every turn! Could the cure be around the corner?

I Already Went_edited.jpg
I Already Went
USA / Comedy / 3 minutes

Director/Writer: Allegra Eve Oxborough

Producer: Rafaela Sanchez, Grant Cutler

Cast: Heather Martin, Lorelye Johnson, Laith Hoffarth

I Already Went is a pitch-black comedy set in a not-so-distant future, where our craving for convenience has reached an all-time high. The side effects can be a bit uncomfortable, sure, but there's a pill for that.

USA / Drama / 12 minutes

Director: Margot Budzyna

Writer: Margot Budzyna, Christian Tasiopoulos

Producer: Andrew Carlberg

Cast: Jesse LaTourette, Marc Menchaca

A young woman navigates a surreal audition process where her boundaries are tested in pursuit of a coveted spot in an elite acting program.

1 in the Chamber_edited.jpg
1 in the Chamber
USA / Comedy / 7 minutes

Director/Writer: Annie Girard, Diana Wright

Producer: James Bristow, Kourtney Gleason, Matt Danner

Cast: Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Yara Martinez, Wilson Bethel

A work-obsessed assassin sent to “retire” her coworker is shocked to discover her target is pregnant and infuriated by how baby-proofed a nursery can be.

USA / Drama / 11 minutes

Director: Margaux Susi

Writer: Jan Rosenberg

Producer: Grayson Propst

Cast: Kate Burton, Angela Giarratana

Desperate for help, a woman in recovery asks an unlikely stranger on a dinner date.

The Rug Hustler.jpg
The Rug Hustler
USA / Comedy / 16 minutes

Director/Writer: Russ Lamoureux

Producer: Russ Lamoureux, Bailey Parks, Constance Zimmer

Cast: Patrick Wilkins, Constance Zimmer, Brittany Perry-Russell

This dusty fable of deception and discovery follows a stranded carpet salesman looking to make a few dollars to fix his van and get back on the road, but not before local shysters try to take him for a ride.

USA / Comedy / 6 minutes

Director/Writer: Auden Bui

Producer: Gates Bradley, Auden Bui

Cast: Brandon Potter, Anna Akana, Malcolm Barrett

A woman heads into an AA meeting, only for it not to be the AA meeting that any of them were expecting.

It Takes A Village.jpg
It Takes A Village
USA / Drama / 14 minutes

Director: Joshua Kissi

Writer: Joshua Kissi, Keyla McNeely

Producer: Kegan Sant, David Richards, Kamila Prokop

Cast: Jackson Abram, Michael Ealy, Nadine Ellis

The year is 1965, and the residents of Winneba, Georgia inhabit a community that seems untouched by the rest of the world. Our story focuses on Isaiah and Lawrence Cooke and their father/son dynamic.

Once More, Like Rain Man.jpg
Once More, Like Rain Man
USA / Comedy / 15 minutes

Director: Sue Ann Pien

Writer: Bella Zoe Martinez, Melissa J Martinez-Areffi, Andrew John Areffi

Producer: Suzann Ellis Spurgeon, Darren Dean, Bella Zoe Martinez

Cast: Bella Zoe Martinez, Matt Jones, Joe Mantegna

‘It’s up to you to make a future that has you in it…’ We follow Zoe (Martinez) and her dad, Gerry (Jones) in a ‘day in the life’ of an autistic actress running the gambit of stereotypes she has to deal with - and her dad’s battle in supporting her forging that path for herself - in a funny, frustrating, painful and sometimes triumphantly sarcastic kind of way.

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