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SUNDAY JULY 28, 5:30 PM 

The Work_edited.jpg
The Work
USA / Drama / 11 minutes

Director/Writer: Whitney Ellis

Producer: James Jordan Avila

Cast: Whitney Ellis, Megan Jeannette Smith

A woman joins an acting class only to realize it's more like a cult.

The End Of The World At 21_edited.jpg
The End Of The World At 21
USA / Drama / 11 minutes

Director/Writer: Chloe Campos

Producer: Hunter Ostergaard

Cast: Olivia Campos, Kyle Red Silverstein, Ashley Wolff

A 21-year-old girl reconciles her family’s principles with the collective distress of the digital age, illuminating generational gaps in attitudes towards mental health and privilege.

Death Pays Flora a Visit.jpg
Death Pays Flora a Visit
USA / Comedy / 12 minutes

Director: Tanna Frederick

Writer: Sy Rosen

Producer: Sy Rosen

Cast: Mimi Kennedy, Eric Roberts

In this both dark and uplifting comedic short film, Death (Eric Roberts) pays an unsuspecting Flora (Mimi Kennedy) a visit telling her it's her time. However Flora doesn't want to go. There's still so much she needs to do. And in surprising and satisfying turn of events, Flora wins the day.

USA / Drama / 24 minutes

Director/Writer: Dana Kippel

Producer: Allisyn Snyder, Dylan Snyder

Cast: Dana Kippel, Grace Patterson, Ayder Ricker

A slice-of-life anecdote about the irrational process of addiction and relapse.

USA / Drama / 12 minutes

Director/Writer: Idan Ravin

Producer: Jim Hecht, Idan Ravin, Peter Gold

Cast: De'Vaughn Nixon, Teagan Meredith

A young girl inadvertently deletes her father’s audition tape for a role that could kickstart his struggling career.

Cut Off_edited.jpg
Cut Off
USA / Comedy / 13 minutes

Director: Meg Swertlow

Writer: Remi Rosmarin

Producer: Mary Lou Belli, Jake Bradbury, Sami Kolko

Cast: Sofie Rimler, Gina Hecht, Randee Heller

On a mission to win her overbearing mother’s approval, a free-wheeling young woman searches for a date in the unlikeliest of places—her nephew's bris.

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