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SUNDAY JULY 28, 3:15 PM 

USA / Drama / 13 minutes

Director/Writer: Saniya Samatova

Producer: Rui Dong

Cast: Zukhra Akhmet, Dias Muratov, Assanali Suragan

Present Kazakhstan. After the death of her 7 year old daughter, Umit, a single mother turns to an investigator to punish the suspect.

Maggie's Not Okay.JPG
Maggie's Not Okay
USA / Comedy / 12 minutes

Director: Vance Smith

Writer: Mouzam Makkar

Producer: Mouzam Makkar, Vance Smith, Clare Cooney

Cast: Mouzam Makkar, Behzad Dabu, Clare Cooney

Maggie, a chronic people pleaser, is always getting pushed around. But when she tries to return a lost cat to his owner, Maggie is finally pushed too far and decides to push back… in a most unexpected way.

USA / Drama / 19 minutes

Director/Writer: Alex Loucas

Producer: Carlos Mason, Frezar

Cast: Frezar, John F Henry II, Goran Ivanovski

Lavender loses her job and health benefits. With her world crashing down around her, a chance encounter at a free clinic causes her to rethink her personal ethos.

When You Wish.jpg
When You Wish
USA / Drama / 16 minutes

Director: Christopher Dodge

Writer: Christopher Dodge, Troy Harvey Graham

Producer: Oscar Alvarez, Kayvon Derak Shanian, Christopher Dodge

Cast: Pepe Serna, Olga Aguilar, Victoria Love

Ignacio (Pepe Serna) is haunted by the memories of the tragic loss of his daughter Stella (Victoria Love) and wife Lucia (Olga Aguilar) until he wishes upon a star which falls from the sky to change the course of his life forever.

The Deep End.jpg
The Deep End
USA / Comedy / 17 minutes

Director: Andrew Gerstenblatt

Writer: Andrew Gerstenblatt, Arthur Goldbart

Producer: Ben Ephraim, Harlow Brooks

Cast: Christian Olsen, Cady Mariano, Nate Dirksen

A one-in-a-million lung injury sparks a relationship between an anxious high school graduate and the girl who saw him nearly drown. During a Rhode Island summer, this coming-of-age dramedy follows Danny and Morgan, and the love story that will take your breath away.

USA / Drama / 14 minutes

Director: Kim Caicedo

Writer: Hernando Caicedo

Producer: Anna Bohannan, Shuchen Lin

Cast: Hernando Caicedo, Melanie Medina, Lidia Porto

A recent widow cooks a special meal to distract her adult children from going through their father's belongings. Sancocho is an intimate moment, almost memory-like of a transitional period between mother and children.

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