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Where Is The Dog That Gave You Your Name.jpg
Where Is The Dog That Gave You Your Name?
USA / Drama / 10 minutes

Director/Writer: Regina Rios

Producer: Mertxe Alatriste, Bea Del Pozo

Cast: Mario Zaragoza, Daniela Peña, Paty Blanco

Valentín, tries to contact Xaratanga, goddess of death, after his wife commits suicide.

Mr. Sunyata
USA / Drama / 15 minutes

Director: Curry Sicong Tian

Writer: Yan Li, Shuang Liang

Producer: Joyce Yueyi Xing, Kennie Yinxu Zhou

Cast: Robert Hadlock, Grace Aiello Antczak, Sean Edward Whelan

A hearse driver finds the last body being transported does not belong to the person assigned. In search of the right body, three young people enter a puzzling glamour party held by the dead man.

The Maker.jpg
The Maker
USA / Drama / 19 minutes

Director: Keenan Mock

Writer: Dave Stankoven, Andrew Estes Kennedy

Producer: Andrew Estes Kennedy, Josh Fapp

Cast: Doug Burch, Sara Grady, Lauren Elyse Buckley

A weary man struggles to teach his apprentice the mysterious trade of mending souls.

The Lights Above.jpg
The Lights Above
USA / Drama / 17 minutes

Director/Writer: Luke J Salewski

Producer: Avo John Kambourian, Alex Chang

Cast: John Ryan McLaughlin, Jonathan Tanigaki, Alan Rachins

Months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, a series of unidentified aircraft sightings over Los Angeles lead a determined journalist to reluctantly pair up with a Japanese American photographer to prevent another attack.

Sucker Punch_edited.jpg
Sucker Punch
USA / Drama / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Spencer Slishman

Producer: Spencer Slishman, Shayan Farooq, Logan Miller

Cast: Logan Miller, Jessica Sula, Roby Attal

After suspecting the love of his life is cheating on him, Billy hires a personal trainer to whip him into shape to punch the other guy.

USA / Drama / 14 minutes

Director: Rhys Raiskin

Writer: Rhys Raiskin, Hannah Rice

Producer: Jeffrey Ramos

Cast: Max Gail, Susan Berger, Jenny O’Hara

Shangri-La is a high-school style romantic dramedy set in a nursing home. Joe hopes to have sex once more before he dies, so when he discovers that the home's latest resident was his high school crush, he seeks help from his best friend, Alma, who has a little crush of her own.

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