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USA / Drama / 7 minutes

Director: Yue Gu

Writer: Hanqing Ma

Producer: Chih Hsuan Hsiung

Cast: Brielle Verduzco-Murphy, Jason Fay, Alison Brown

In a poor rural village, Henry, a father, tries to protect his young daughter, Anna, by warning her not to leave the house after midnight. However, Anna is tempted by a delicious cupcake offered by a witch, and she takes a bite.

A Better Place_edited.jpg
A Better Place
USA / Drama / 17 minutes

Director/Writer: Shih-Chun Hsiao

Producer: Chris Merola, Dalton Zongshian Lu, Shih-Chun Hsiao

Cast: Sam Song Li, Jen Kuo Sung, Lydia Look

After knowing an oil company offering handsome money for his family farm, Henry comes home to convince his immigrant, aging parents to sell the home for good. Although the price is substantial, his father rejects the offer. But the next morning, Henry finds the deal has been signed. his parents only want to leave something for his son – a better future.

AM I_edited.jpg
Am I
USA / Drama / 10 minutes

Director: Ce Liu

Writer: Ce Liu, Fenton Queens

Producer: Ce Liu

Cast: Emilie Ong, Soda Persi

An 8-year-old Asian girl, Maya, wants to buy a rabbit cake on Mother's Day for her violent uncaring parents, but accidentally enters a "new world" saved by a prostitute, Lucy, and eats the cake by herself.

Dallas & Delilah_edited.jpg
Dallas & Delilah
USA / Comedy / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Lizzie Green

Producer: Elizabete Sadauska, Bobbie Green, Gabrielle Makower

Cast: Rae Latt, Sarah Lilly

Dallas and Delilah, two friends from childhood who are now in their 70s, run into each other serendipitously and spend a day reminiscing throughout their small town. Dallas encounters unresolved feelings for her first love, and Delilah finally learns to stand up to her controlling late husband.

USA / Drama / 19 minutes

Director: Shuyue Su

Writer: Shuyue Su, Leqi Vanessa Kong

Producer: Zhen Lou

Cast: Clover Hong

In 2010 Northwestern China, Chunxiao Zhao (赵春筱) as the deputy class president was selected to perform at a talent show in their middle school. Chunxiao is a straight-A student at school but she fantasizes herself being an overly-sexualized and objectified woman under the influence of warped views on sexuality and identity learned from social media and entertainment.

USA / Drama / 15 minutes

Director: Eli Staub

Writer: Angelo Pitsillis

Producer: Sofia Bajwa, Yuwan Ye

Cast: Kaj Adnan, Abdullah Khalil, Sean Rohani

Set during the oppressive military rule in Greece in the early 70s, a young prison guard is tasked with executing his former college professor.

The Duel at Bishop Creek.JPG
The Duel at Bishop Creek
USA / Drama / 8 minutes

Director/Writer: Justin Dobies

Producer: Jackson Dobies

Cast: Justin Dobies, Jesse Haus, Glenn Foster

Justin Dobies (OBI-WAN KENOBI, THE CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA) stars as an American colonist contemplating imminent death at the hands of a British redcoat (COBRA KAI’s Jesse Haus) in this pre-Revolutionary War tale of a sword duel at dawn.

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