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JULY 25, 6:00PM 

The Bunker Boom.jpg
The Bunker Boom: Better Safe Than Sorry
USA / Documentary / 25 minutes

Director: Arianna LaPenne

Producer: Mona Karrenbach

The Bunker Boom explores a nascent South Dakota bunker community to understand how "prepping"; once considered a fringe subculture, has become increasingly mainstream. As the characters grapple with the personal dilemmas of leaving behind one life to start another, at the heart of the film is a question: whether our human need for community will triumph over our desire for security, even among avowed isolationists.

USA / Documentary / 1 hr 

Director: Vincent Liota

Producer: Vincent Liota, Sally Roy

Cast: Robert Krulwich, Heidi Julavits, Rick Rawlins

'Objects' follows three unique people who have held onto things which have gained incredible meaning for them over decades. These objects are not things they flaunt. They are things that touch them secretly…a fifty-year-old clump of grass, a sweater that once belonged to French actress, and a forty-year old sugar egg.

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