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Son of a Gun.jpg
Son of a Gun
USA / Comedy / 10 minutes

Director/Writer: Kelly King

Producer: Kelly King, Carlos Gonzalez, Jandi Swanson

Cast: Lucas Grabeel, Alicia Urizar, Will Roberts

A stay-at-home accountant’s life is changed when a mysterious woman with a large box claims to know his real father. Upon learning that the dad he never knew had recently passed away, AJ opens the box to discover the life of a legendary, gun-twirling, world record-holding cowboy.

Adam's Song_edited.jpg
Adam's Song
USA / Drama / 17 

Director/Writer: Nathan Xia

Producer: Po Wei Su, Cole Sanchez

Cast: Nathan Xia, Ken DuBois, Carlos Padilla

A dangerously ambitious artist descends a self-destructive spiral as he prepares for the release of his next album.

USA / Drama / 21 minutes

Director/Writer: Darren Haruo Rae

Producer: Jessica Olthof, Nick Martinez

Cast: Jonathan Tanigaki, Brent Yoshida, Matt McTighe

Based on stories from my grandfather, Nisei follows the journey of two Japanese-American brothers during World War II, Minoru and John Miyasaki. 

How to Cry on Command.jpg
How to Cry on Command
USA / Comedy / 15 minutes 

Director/Writer: Wylie Anderson

Producer: Roxanne Griffith

Cast: Colyse Harger, Lane Townsend, Wylie Anderson

An 11-year-old, determined student struggles with being real and authentic in her "How To Cry on Command" class (among others) at dystopian grade school: Celebrity Preparatory for Girls.

Danny Boy 2.jpg
Danny Boy
USA / Musical / 11 minutes 

Director/Writer: Jenna Day

Producer: Jenna Day, David Mansanalez, Andrew Fultz

Cast: Jenna Day, Andrew Fultz, Bill Swinford

'Objects' follows three unique people who have held onto things which have gained incredible meaning for them over decades. These objects are not things they flaunt. They are things that touch them secretly…a fifty-year-old clump of grass, a sweater that once belonged to French actress, and a forty-year old sugar egg.

USA / Drama / 8 minutes 

Director: Chloe Campos

Writer: Keegan Pedersen

Producer: Camille Brimmer

Cast: Giovanni Navarro, Newt Arlandiz, Sammy Espinoza

Roberto, an immigrant working in Southern California, struggles to survive while sending money back to Mexico to support his pregnant wife. In an effort to help their situation he makes a choice out of desperation and must face the consequences of his actions.

Big Sur.jpg
Big Sur
USA / Drama / 15 minutes 

Director/Writer: Lila Dupree

Producer: Erin Doyle Cooper

Cast: Laura Gardner, Alma Martinez, Tiffany Yvonne Cox

Big Sur follows Faye on the eve of her 40th anniversary, as she and her husband return to the beloved place they eloped to many years before.

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