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Yellow Wallpaper_edited.jpg
Yellow Wallpaper
USA / Drama / 18 minutes

Director/Writer: Ricky Rhodes

Producer: Maggie Brown, Walter Haas, Jordan Henderson

Cast: Marina Elana, Quenten Kirby, Allison Shrum

In 1892, a woman suffering from postpartum depression is misdiagnosed with hysteria by her physician husband and forced into the controversial rest cure treatment, where she spirals into madness.

The Plug.jpg
The Plug
USA / Comedy / 11 minutes

Director: Emma Pasarow

Writer: Anabel Pasarow

Producer: Jordan Cipolla

Cast: Anabel Pasarow, Liz Mitts, Aiyana White

After her ex-boyfriend texts her asking for a drug hookup, Rachel jumps at the chance to help him, going to extraordinary lengths... even though they haven't spoken in months and she doesn't do drugs.

The Next One.jpg
The Next One
USA / Drama / 12 minutes

Director: Karl Gillick

Writer: Mark Stuver

Producer: Anthia Gillick, Karl Gillick

Cast: Anthia Gillick, Adam Cardon, Slate Douglas

An assassin travels back in time to the 1890’s old-West to prevent the biological event that threatens to destroy her Utopian future.  Instead she not only discovers that it’s already happened, but that she is to blame.

USA / Drama / 15 minutes

Directo: Sara Chung

Writer: Sara Chung, Gina Kim

Producer: Sara Chung, Cailey Beck

Cast: Elizabeth Chung, Grace Chan, Raymond Ko

Time moves slow, fast. A Korean-American woman who chose to follow her dreams now finds herself an undecorated writer at age 32, living a life far from what she had pictured.

The Basics of Love.jpg
The Basics of Love
USA / Drama / 18 minutes

Director/Writer: Joshua Nathan

Producer: Xixian Wang

Cast: Ashley August, Jake Millgard

After getting caught amidst a robbery on New Year's Eve, Liz and Lefty, co-workers in the city sanitation department, are caught off-guard by feelings for one another that they didn't know they had. Will they work up the courage to tell each other?

Les Câlins Cheaps (Cheap Hugs)
Canada / Drama / 15 minutes

Director: Sarah Baskin

Writer: Sarah Baskin, Valéry Lessard, Bryan Fitzgerald

Producer: Sarah Baskin, Valéry Lessard, Bryan Fitzgerald

Cast: Miryam Magri, Sarah Baskin, Valéry Lessard

Two strangers, reeling from the loss of their mutual friend, find themselves in an unexpected moment of connection on the streets of Montreal.

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