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SUNDAY JULY 21, 7:45 PM 

USA / Drama / 17 minutes

Director/Writer: Kelly Luu, Kevin Luu

Producer: Kristy Choo

Cast: J. Alphonse Nicholson, Cathy Bui

Tasked with installing self-service manicure stations at a nail salon, an automation technician meets a Vietnamese American nail tech whose job he is there to replace.

Made In USA.jpg
Made In USA
USA / Comedy / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Desdemona Chiang

Producer: Selena Leoni, Tara Austin

Cast: Yin Yin Liow, Maria Zhang, Ron Yuan

After getting abruptly fired from her job of over 20 years, a dutiful Chinese-American casino host turns her home into a birth hotel to regain control of her life.

If Martin Clunes Wore Lip Gloss_edited.jpg
If Martin Clunes Wore Lip Gloss
USA / Thriller / 13 minutes

Director/Writer: Amy McLeish

Producer: Amy McLeish, Holly Pavlik, Ricardo Bonisoli

Cast: Ella Loudon, Cecilia Diamond

A woman reflects on her first experience wearing make-up to school in a dreamlike one-person show. A revenge story inspired by early 90s cosmetics commercials, IF MARTIN CLUNES WORE LIP GLOSS is a satirical look at growing up in the world as a woman, formative adolescent trauma and an ode to British actor Martin Clunes.

It's About Time.jpg
It's About Time
Canada / Comedy / 16 minutes 

Director: Adam Pedersen

Writer: Adam Pedersen, Ryan Visser

Producer: Adam Pedersen, Ryan Visser

Cast: Paul Rivers, Delphine Roussel, Beth Hornby

On the worst day of his life, a grieving call centre employee acts irrationally in the face of life or death.

Black Apple_edited.jpg
Black Apple
USA / Comedy / 15 minutes 

Director: Dominique Martinez, David Anderson

Writer: David Anderson

Cast: Jessica Young

As Hoover High honors the life of Mr. Wilder, fellow teacher Jess Adams harbors guilt for her role in his mysterious death. And then she begins receiving, strange, celebrity greetings known as Cameos. First, Vanilla Ice, then it’s Tommy Chong, launching her on a dizzying psychological journey about her role in Wilder’s death and her responsibility as a teacher.

The Move.JPG
The Move
USA / Comedy / 9 minutes 

Director/Writer: Eric Kissack

Producer: Matthew Quezada, Emily Gregario

Cast: Amanda Crew, Dustin Milligan

A couple moving in together for the first time learn new things about each other, their apartment and the universe.

The Grievance_edited.jpg
The Grievance
USA / Comedy / 8 minutes 

Director: Richie Keen

Writer: Carol Leifer, Andy Gordon

Producer: Ben Foster

Cast: Rosie O'Donnell, Kevin Pollak, Adhir Kalyan

After five months of the writer’s strike, comes an idea that hatched on the picket line! What if AI filed a complaint to HR about harassment in a comedy writers room on a sitcom?

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