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SUNDAY JULY 21, 5:30 PM 

Guilty Pleasure2.jpg
Guilty Pleasure
USA / Drama / 6 minutes

Director/Writer: Arman Khaghani

Producer: Tyler Holmes

Cast: Trinity Darling, Natalie Couture, Noelle Mercer

A lonely college student makes an unexpected bond with a stranger in the library, spurred by their shared love of a pop-punk artist from their youth.

USA / Drama / 8 minutes

Director: Peyton Tenison

Writer: Peyton Tenison, Katie Jackson

Producer: Juan Felipe Díaz, Peyton Tenison

Cast: Lindsay Conway, Nigel Siwabessy, Maddy Murphy

An agoraphobic half-plant half-woman is thrust into a nightmarish reality when her water supply is suddenly shut off. With her houseplant (and only friend) Peperomia by her side, she must confront her fear of the outside world or suffer the dire consequences.

Ronnie California The King of Artesia.jpg
Ronnie California: The King of Artesia
USA / Comedy / 16 minutes

Director/Writer: Adi Kalidindi

Producer: Adi Kalidindi, Katy Wicker, Anand Mahalingam

Cast: Anand Mahalingam, Nirvan Patnaik, Shalini Bathina

Ronnie California, an Indian immigrant who operates an illegal gambling ring out of the back of his failing saree shop, must face the music when the community exposes his shady dealings.

Pull Over So I Can Hit You.jpg
Pull Over So I Can Hit You
USA / Drama / 13 minutes

Directo: Catelin Shane Dunn

Writer: Catelin Shane Dunn, Calvin Michaels

Producer: Catelin Shane Dunn, Calvin Michaels

Cast: Brett Austin Johnson, Bobby McGhee

Based on a series of true events in the unremarkable town of Spanaway, Washington. 17-year-old Trey must prove his driving proficiency to his very eager father and apprehensive mother, with a mischievous little brother in tow, in order to finally obtain the keys to his coveted new car and ultimately unlock his freedom to embark on a whirlwind romance with the only Black girl in school- his dream girl, Shantelle.

USA / Drama / 18 minutes

Director: Leon Pierce Jr

Writer: Leon Pierce Jr, Georgina Navarro

Producer: Leon Pierce Jr., Sandra Varona

Cast: Georgina Navarro, Carla Valentine

An Afro-Latina actress works at making it big in the industry despite it seeming to be against her based on her ethnically ambiguous appearance alone.

For the Love of Basketball.jpg
For the Love of Basketball
USA / Drama / 11 minutes

Director: Anthony Vazquez

Writer: Candice Horde

Producer: Candice Horde, Kristen Horde

Cast: Kristen Horde, Anthony Robertson, Tina Ansah

In a 10-minute delve into Aaliyah's memories while she sits in a psychiatry chair, she grapples with trying to figure out where the magic in her game has gone. She can’t quite shake the blanket that’s been over her since her knee injury, but she also doesn’t have the bandwidth to focus on anything other than getting a scholarship so her widowed mother doesn’t have to shoulder the burden of tuition.

Name Image Likeness
USA / Drama / 20 minutes

Director/Writer: Justin Rowe Tolliver

Producer: Justin Rowe Tolliver

Cast: Kyle Schmid, Jaqueline Fleming, Sebastian Sozzi

A Los Angeles High School football phenom seems to be on top of the world, that is until his newfound fame and money start to present more problems than he can handle.

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