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FRIDAY JULY 19, 5:30 PM 

Bark Back.jpg
Bark Back
USA / Animation / 4 minutes

Director/Writer: Isaac Prevatt

Cast: Davey Jarell, Isaac Prevatt

A fed up owner yells at his dog for barking. The dog retaliates with insults in fluent, well-constructed English, forcing man to regain his best friend.

USA / Comedy / 8 minutes

Director/Writer: Jessica Qinyue Luo

Producer: Ziqi Gao, Jessica Qinyue Luo

Cast: Angie Jho Lee

A story between modern neighbors. A 26-year-old Asian girl, Florence, is woken by the renovation noise made by her new neighbors. Instead of confrontation, Florence accepts the ‘Noise Battle’ and wants to stop the noise before her meeting starts. However, as she runs out of time, her last resort is to confront the neighbors, but eventually gets herself defeated and embarrassed after finding out the truth.

USA / Drama / 15 minutes

Director: Michael Reisinger, Alina Lee

Writer: Alina Lee

Producer: Jade Risser

Cast: Alina Lee, Dan Roe, Mackenzie Mondag

As we journey alongside Ana, our protagonist, through what initially appears to be an ordinary day, things quickly begin to spiral out of control when a friend and her opt to attend a local party.

Siren Salon.jpg
Siren Salon
USA / Comedy / 12 minutes

Director: Ella Grace Rodriguez

Writer: Daisy Noh

Producer: John Li, Siena Tickle

Cast: Madeleine Smith, Janelle Froehlich, Audrey Forman

In the mysterious 1950s Siren Salon, a young‬‭ woman in an abusive marriage must‬ decide how many inches–and people–she’s willing to cut off.‬

The Night2.JPG
The Night
Mexico / Drama / 22 minutes

Director/Writer: Sof Aragon

Producer: Sof Aragon

Cast: Mar Bonnelly Bonnelly, Hans Gaitan

María, a talented singer, lives a double life - outwardly successful but inwardly battling abusive relationships and mental health issues. Her tragic demise sheds light on the toll of societal pressures and the importance of self-care and healthy relationships. The short film explores themes of social pressure, mental health, depression, and the pursuit of perfection.

Play Date.jpg
Play Date
USA / Drama / 13 minutes

Director: Laura Campbell, Amberlee Colson

Writer: Gavin Broady

Producer: Donna Morong, Brad Barnes, Undine Buka

Cast: Laura Campbell, Amberlee Colson

Two estranged mothers reunite to make sense of their daughter's last play date.

The Cockroach.jpg
The Cockroach
USA / Drama / 19 minutes

Director/Writer: Mary Pat Bentel

Producer: Mary Pat Bentel

Cast: Melissa Johns, Sophia Paras

After a body altering accident, a woman must find a way forward in her new reality.

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