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FRIDAY JULY 19, 3:15 PM 

When Wind Blows on a Balcony.jpg
When Wind Blows on a Balcony
USA / Drama / 8 minutes

Director/Writer: Sche-Hao Wang

Producer: Jocelyn Koo

Cast: Jenny Wu, Summer Dawn

Two women who pursued different lifestyles cast a strong impact on each other after they meet.

USA / Drama / 13 minutes

Director/Writer: Allan Zhang Tran

Producer: Matthew P. Higgins, Nguyen Le, Marc Cunningham

Cast: Eva Lin Feindt, Daniella Silva, Jacy Duan

A fashion photographer’s infatuation with her latest muse takes a strange and grotesque turn when she invites the model over to her home studio for a private session.

Taiwan / Drama / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Hsiao Hsia Huang

Cast: Michael Zapesotsky, Rebecca Stoughton

Teenage boy David fantasizes about his new neighbor Emily, a 28-year-old actress, by spying on her every day. As time passes, David notices that Emily's behavior becomes somewhat unusual.

USA / Drama / 26 minutes

Director/Writer: Vishakha Bhardwaj

Producer: Rui dong

Cast: Abbby Brabham

Inspite of doing everything right and by the books. Destiny's efforts to meet her big dreams with determination and grit are halted in our new normal world we live in,

As Easy As Closing Your Eyes.jpg
As Easy As Closing Your Eyes
USA / Drama / 22 minutes

Director: Parker Croft

Writer: Aaron Golden, Parker Croft

Producer: Max Loeb, Parker Croft, Aaron Golden

Cast: Laura Coover, Sean Marquette, Dawson Sweeney

The story of a grieving mother who battles her addiction to a black-market drug that gives her life-like dreams about the son she lost.

Hunter Good.jpg
Hunter Good
USA / Drama / 12 minutes

Director: Winter Dunn

Writer: Jamie Nocher

Producer: Jake Hunter

Cast: Rutina Wesley

Hunter Good is a short film based on the true story of a young man's struggles with addiction. The film is also being supported by Love in the Trenches which offers support groups, recovery resources, private peer counseling, and education to parents of those who suffer with substance use disorder and to individuals who have lost a child or sibling to this disease.

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