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Promises, Promises_edited.jpg
Promises, Promises
USA / Drama / 13 minutes

Director: Yunyi Zhu

Writer: Yunyi Zhu, Louisa D Rorschach

Producer: Enyi Zhu, Joquina Gentil, Christopher Putlock

Cast: Julia James, Maria Jose De la Cruz

After missing the cutoff to make the college championship team, a hardworking cross country athlete sabotages her top-ranked best friend in the most important race of their college careers.

Into the Thicket.jpg
Into the Thicket
USA / Drama / 12 minutes

Director/Writer: Devany Greenwood

Producer: Devany Greenwood, Maria Magalhães, Roy Shellef

Cast: Lana Vanzine, Dina Selimovic, Rachel Alig

While coping with her tumultuous home life, a lonely young woman finds a connection with a mysterious lady in the woods, discovering they might be more linked than her dreams make her believe.

USA / Drama / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Hui Zhang

Producer: Kuan Cao, Hui Zhang

Cast: Clover Hong, Mardy Ma, Galen Trine-McMahan

A young Asian woman who struggles to find her future path in America while discovering the truth of a tentative relationship and dealing with her conservative mother, leading her to pursuit her ballet dream even though knowing the reality.

Good To See You_edited.jpg
Good to See You
USA / Comedy / 14 minutes

Director/Writer: Jarett Evans Malouf

Producer: Sofia D'Annunzio

Cast: Zak Takowsky, Kayleigh Ruller

A pair of exes bump into each other while on first dates at the same restaurant.

The Happiest Days of Our
The Happiest Days of Our Lives
USA / Drama / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Jack Hahn

Producer: Olivia Gill, Brittany Dassa

Cast: David Gridley, Jay Lee, Milica Govich

The Happiest Days of Our Lives follows Cameron, a young man who goes down a path of self-destruction after the loss of his mother. Plagued by guilt, Cameron is resistant to the support of his best friend Jonathan, until another unforeseen tragedy forces him to face his pain head on.

Until Morning.jpg
Until Morning
USA / Drama / 12 minutes

Director: Casella Mae Worrell

Writer: Alex Bernard

Producer: Naomi Lofchie, Alessia Rosaria, Casella Mae Worrell

Cast: Judah Simard, Amelia Prochaska, Alex Bernard

After a couple too cowardly to initiate a breakup sends others to do their dirty work, what was supposed to be the end of a relationship might be the start of one.

All That Glitters Is Not Marigold_edited
All That Glitters Is Not Marigold
USA / Drama / 16 minutes

Director: Evey Yu

Writer: Ian Black

Producer: Evey Yu, Jonathan Han, Austin Mack

Cast: Alyssa Touhy, Jeff Lawless, Anna Platen

When a rising Actress comes under consideration for a large Superhero role, her life and sanity begin to fall apart as she battles a physical manifestation of the stress and fear she feels.

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