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USA / Music Video / 4 minutes

Director: Luis F Andrade

Writer: Tobias Keast, Luke Keast

In a CGI cinematic, a young girl embarks on a journey through a mystical forest. Guided by a firefly, she overcomes challenges, and ultimately confronts a cybernetic boss inside a cave, all choreographed to the rhythm of a rock band's music.

USA / Horror / 14 minutes

Director: Junda Wu

Writer: Michael O'Harlem, Junda Wu

Producer: Junda Wu

Cast: Neva Leoncini, Isabella Bjorkman

Selene's accidental injury to Isabelle triggers her delusional disorder, unveiling the horror within her own mind.

USA / Horror / 15 minutes

Director: Michael Skanes

Writer: Austin Chesnutt

Producer: Jay Dallen, Christine Celozzi, Austin Chesnutt

Cast: Marissa Pistone, Seth Cassell, Zach Allsbrook

Grieving for a loss, Lara Cassidy seeks help from a specialist to overcome a malevolent presence that has rooted itself in her subconscious.

USA / Horror / 15 minutes

Director: RaeAnne Carlson

Writer: Rosemary Idisi

Producer: Bryce Dressler, Freida Idisi-Cole

Cast: Rosemary Idisi, Abraham Fuentes, Tiago Santos

Glamping" is a suspenseful horror film that follows a group of friends on a seemingly idyllic weekend getaway to an Airbnb in Big Bear, California.

Dance With Me.jpg
Dance With Me
USA / Horror / 17 minutes

Director/Writer: Joel Harlow

Producer: Joel Harlow, Jonathan Martin

Cast: Marti Matulis, Rod Maxwell, Ashley Edner-Tancharoen

We find ourselves in an "EC horror" comic book reality of Riktus Grim and Edward Mise, two elderly Casanovas well past their prime…and their lives for that matter.

USA / Horror / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Annie Marie Elliot

Producer: Angela Laprete, Jillian Nordby, Avery Chung Melino

Cast: Devin Druid, Hale Appleman, Peyton List

A grieving young man falls into the final act of a cult leader’s ritual. Seven friends, each representing a deadly sin, are drawn into a cult, seeking personal growth. Unaware of its true nature, they find their darkest traits magnified, spiraling into chaos.

Mr. Potatoes.jpg
Mr. Potatoes
USA / Horror / 15 minutes

Director: Brian Parker

Writer: Brian Parker, Mason Engel

Producer: Brian Parker, Mason Engel, Tyler Tompkins

Cast: Michael Hill, Tristan Cunningham

Henry Wilson lives a quiet life on an isolated potato farm. But when a perky realtor shows up at his door with news of a housing development being built next door, the quiet breaks. Henry’s potatoes have begun to scream.

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