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FRIDAY JULY 26, 7:45 PM 

USA / Drama / 7 minutes

Director: Francesca Ling

Writer: Ilana Turner

Producer: Francesca Ling, Adam Scott Epstein

Cast: Rochelle Aytes

When a woman goes back to the office after the birth of her first child, her only companions are an AI assistant and her breast pump — which does way more than suck milk as it voices her darkest thoughts & feelings of being altogether lacking.

Above & Within_edited.jpg
Above & Within
USA / Drama / 20 minutes

Director: Patrick Hall

Writer: Patrick Hall, Jack Craymer

Producer: Eric Cook

Cast: Golden Garnick, Darby Hannon

Wrapped by grief over his fathers death, a young rancher spirals into paranoia sparked by his encounter with what he believes is a supernatural force out to claim his soul.

USA / Comedy / 16 minutes

Director/Writer: Kailee McGee

Producer: Kailee McGee, JP Bolles

Cast: Kailee McGee, Mamoudou Athie, Whitmer Thomas

Filmmaker Kailee McGee’s world turns sideways with a late-stage breast cancer diagnosis. She’s in the middle of treatment but just beginning to reevaluate reality, love, and identity while being sick. Kailee loses track of where her cancer journey ends and her life begins.

Late Night Pickup_edited.jpg
Late Night Pickup
USA / Horror / 2 minutes

Director/Writer: Lex Lumpkin

Producer: Tommalisa Lumpkin, Lex Lumpkin

Cast: Dana Heath, Jair Guzman

In a race against time for a sudden pickup, a young woman finds herself in the midst of an institutional trafficking scheme.

USA / Drama / 13 minutes

Director/Writer: Jillian Smith, Reagan Yorke

Producer: Jillian Smith, Reagan Yorke

Cast: Courtney Olsen, Luisa Mariano, Crystal Hughes

A bartender takes on the physical form of her imagined alter egos.

USA / Drama / 17 minutes

Director: Aaron Alexander

Writer: Nick Heeb

Producer: Aaron Gonzales

Cast: Luce Rains, Arron Shiver, Gene Hunt

During the Great Depression, Kennicke, a rancher in western South Dakota, hires on vagrant workers, only to murder them when it comes time to pay. When a new vagrant, The Stranger, arrives on the ranch and asks for work, Kennicke hires him on.

Trailer Park Queen.JPG
Trailer Park Queen
USA / Comedy / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Lauren Kleeman

Producer: Angela Sorury

Cast: Roberta Hanlen, Dee Freeman, Chloe Gay Brewer

A sixty-something hillbilly decides she is going to join the local beauty pageant to reclaim her cheating husband's attention. When her friends oppose her, a brawl erupts, sparking a deeper reflection on societal beauty standards and the limitations they impose, compelling us to question their origins and relevance. 

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