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USA / Comedy / 3 minutes

Director/Writer: Ethan Edenburg

Producer: Luke Arreguin

Cast: Will Westwater, Rachel Marsh, Andrew Gerety

A boyfriend learns a lesson the hard way

The Denver_edited.jpg
The Denver
USA / Comedy / 11 minutes

Director: Matthew Brian Cohen

Writer: Matthew Brian Cohen, Andrew Hansen

Producer: Matthew Brian Cohen, Andrew Hansen, Matt Frierdich

Cast: Andrew Hansen, Amy Lynn Patterson, Luke Crory

A father struggles to have a pleasant meal during a family vacation... right after his teenage daughter and her boyfriend were kicked out of Disneyland for having sex on a ride.

Physical Therapy_edited_edited.jpg
Physical Therapy
USA / Drama / 9 minutes

Director/Writer: Ahuatl Amaro

Producer: Brian Bonilla, Jason Genao

Cast: Jason Genao, Aidan Gutierrez, Paloma Esparza Rabinov

A gay Latino doctor must decide between keeping his low-income clients or taking a job at a private practice for the kids of the mega-rich.

Beauty Is Bliss.jpg
Beauty Is Bliss
USA / Sci-Fi / 9 minutes

Director: Dominic Garcia

Writer: Rachel Hroncich

Producer: Terrie Marroquin

Cast: Rachel Hroncich, Kate Cook, Sophie Jordan Collins

Two friends unknowingly experience a major side effect after finally getting their hands on a mysterious new skin cream that removes more than just wrinkles.

Happy Endings Funeral Parlor_edited_edit
Happy Endings Funeral Parlor
USA / Comedy / 19 minutes

Director: Kevin Boston

Writer: Kyle Ricchetti, Zachary Roozen, Anthony Theodorakos

Producer: Zachary Roozen, Kyle Ricchetti

Cast: Corbin Bernsen, Eric Nelsen, Spencer Breslin

Johnny and Marcell Remo are two brothers managing a failing funeral parlor for their oddball Uncle Nicky. Set against the backdrop of rural Iowa and tasked with transporting the body of notorious mobster Frankie Bananas to his funeral service, everything that can go wrong does go wrong.

Start Them Young.jpg
Start Them Young
USA / Drama / 14 minutes

Director/Writer: Jenna Rossman

Producer: J. Mehr Kaur, Adrienne Picciotto, Karolina Esqueda-Rocha

Cast: Garrett Young, Lauren LeBeouf, Allie Leonard


USA / Sci-fi Comedy / 23 minutes

Director: Neil Ferron

Writer: Neil Ferron, Alexandra Dennis-Renner

Producer: Valerie Steinberg, Jordan Willcox, Neil Ferron

Cast: Dominic Burgess, Donnla Hughes, Penny O'Brien

In this supernatural dark comedy, a pathetic Irish fishmonger must survive a sex pact with an ancient fish creature in order to save his mother's soul from burning in hell.

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