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MONDAY JULY 22, 1:00 PM 

Two-Lane Bike Trail_edited.jpg
Two-Lane Bike Trail
USA / Drama / 10 minutes

Director/Writer: Mingen Tan

Producer: Mingen Tan

Cast: Todd Lien, Lucas (Du Heng) Sun, Jorge Mata Otero

The Runner is making his recovery run on a bike trail, and he almost gets hit by The Biker. As The Runner tries to lecture The Biker, he tumbles, and his old injury flares up. The Biker mocks him and rides away. After the two fights in front of a grocery store, The Shopkeeper comes out, wondering what happened.

USA / Drama / 14 minutes

Director: Tapio Tokunaga

Writer: Tapio Tokunaga, Julia Pai

Producer: Syuen Chia

Cast: Jingbei 'sebastian' Bai, Megumi Morino, Albert Lew

When Pokka and Pokka's mother, Ati, build a LEGO house together, Pokka notices weird knocks echo from the inside of the house. Consumed by its opening door, Pokka finds himself in his childhood memories of LEGO blocks, Ati's bed-reading, and his recent birthday party with his family members.

Bad Taxidermy_edited.jpg
Bad Taxidermy
USA / Drama / 14 minutes

Director: Tas Pelikan

Writer: Dexter B. Elkin, Eric Sarich

Producer: Marley Freygang, Hannah Johnson, Eric Sarich

Cast: Eric Sarich, Michelle Hoden, Marley Freygang

Beginning in sunny, greedy, and cutthroat Hollywood we meet three filmmakers TINY, LIZ and MAVERICK. After riding the coattails of their talented writer, REX, they have found fame and fortune. Their latest hit suspense/horror film, Bad Taxidermy, is a week out from its premier; however, a buzz is growing: "Are these gruesome films based off of real murders?"

Bad Eggs.jpg
Bad Eggs
USA / Drama / 22 minutes

Director/Writer: Soowan Bang

Producer: Joy Gyuree Choi

Cast: Austyn Kim, Chris Yi, Paris Crayton III

Two Korean American twins, who pride themselves on knowing every minute detail about each other, uncover the deepest, darkest secrets of their mental struggles. The siblings make a solemn vow to help each other eradicate the negative thoughts festering within their minds.

USA / Comedy / 8 minutes

Director/Writer: Kay Qiao

Producer: Sean Kohnen

Cast: Olivia Hytha, Max Udell

An abandoned doll and a scarecrow scared of crows form an unlikely bond when they work together to overcome their fears and heal their mutual pain

Gaming for Love.JPG
Gaming for Love
USA / Drama / 13 minutes

Director/Writer: Erin Gavin

Producer: Erin Gavin

Cast: Adam Robertson, Eve Harvey, Erin Gavin

"Gaming for Love" is a poignant narrative inspired by true events which follows the journey of Maisie, a young girl battling cancer, as she finds solace and strength in the world of online gaming. Immersed in her virtual adventures, Maisie's passion for gaming becomes a source of joy amidst her illness, bringing her closer to her family and unexpected friendships across the globe.

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