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Fast Food.jpg
Fast Food
USA / Drama / 10 minutes

Director: Felicia Manning

Writer: Felicia Manning, Samantha Wilson

Producer: Felicia Manning, Samantha Wilson

Cast: Kelsey Gomez, Jordan Suarez, Olivia Cohen

"Fast Food" is a dramedy short film exploring young love, heartbreak, and the power of friendship. When a teenage girl in love expects a fun night with her boyfriend, she winds up on an emotional roller coaster that only friendship can save.

A Rush of Peace.JPG
A Rush of Peace
USA / Drama / 27 minutes

Director: Jake Lockett

Writer: Jake Lockett, M Hayward Scott

Producer: Jake Lockett, M Hayward Scott

Cast: M Hayward Scott

A Rush of Peace is the story of vengeance out of control, a metaphor to drug addiction that looks into the soul of man who has lost everything and who seeks to fill the emptiness, the black hole inside himself. But can peace be bought in blood?

Kid Ugly.jpg
Kid Ugly
USA / Comedy / 12 minutes

Director/Writer: Jazmin Aguilar

Producer: Miranda Guzman, Miranda Pacheco

Cast: Skarlett Redd, Ayden Elijah, Jamie Costa

A notorious outlaw named Bottle Tooth Guapo, runs into their biggest fan Lazlo, who is determined to show them that he is a force to be reckoned with and a worthy sidekick.

Not Yet.jpg
Not Yet
USA / Drama / 14 minutes

Director: Jeffrey Jones

Writer: Marieve Herington, Jeffrey Jones

Producer: Marieve Herington, Jeffrey Jones

Cast: Ashley Holliday Tavares, Sam Daly, Burl Moseley

After finding out that she was unwanted by her mother, a woman grapples with her own lacking maternal desires as she feels pressure from her baby-crazy husband and pregnant best friend.

On Slauson.jpg
On Slauson
USA / Drama / 9 minutes

Director/Writer: Anali Cabrera

Producer: Alex Turner

Cast: Valentin Guereque

This fiction short film follows a young man, Miguel, who leads a double life as an East LA gang member, and beloved son. He becomes a waiter in hopes of finding some form of identity, only to discover that a terribly perfect coincidence will lead to detrimental effects on the relationship with his mother.

The Meal.JPG
The Meal
USA / Drama / 8 minutes

Director/Writer: Emily Skye

Producer: Tamra Simmons, Julian Terry, Emily Skye

Cast: Mary Cameron Rogers, Rahul Rai, Carolina Alvarez

At a business dinner party, a team of coworkers learn an uncomfortable secret involving their bosses that turns out to be not much of a secret at all to some.

Everything's Fine.jpg
Everything's Fine
USA / Drama / 14 minutes

Director/Writer: Christina Hulen

Producer: Christina Hulen, Lisa Crnic, Staci Witt

Cast: Charlotte Rothwell, McKenna Slone, Michelle Clunie

A young teacher suffering from trauma induced memory loss finds herself spiraling dangerously out of control as the impending anniversary of the event nears, threatening to destroy her carefully crafted veneer of normalcy, her relationships and her life.

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