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USA / Drama / 21 minutes

Director/Writer: Marlonino Banut

Producer: Urvashi Bhasin, Francisco Simplico

Cast: Evan Francis Mao, Rebecca Gomberg, Michael Hirano Culross

Francis, the lead trumpet of a college jazz band, is paired with his ex-girlfriend, Lani, to perform a duet at the upcoming jazz festival.

Venus of Tomatoes.jpg
Venus of Tomatoes
USA / Drama / 11 minutes

Director/Writer: Piper Samuels

Producer: Sofia D'Annunzio, Lukas Lane

Cast: LouLou Brazill, Marco Bizio

Penny, a feisty young feminist, is trying to purchase a tomato for her mother. Jude, the smartass store clerk, is too busy sketching his "magnum opus" to bother. 

Instant Noodle.jpg
Instant Noodle
USA / Drama / 14 minutes

Director/Writer: Michelle Sastraatmadja

Producer: Jiayun Li, Nidhi Kulikarni

Cast: Bree Mignano, Jenny Januszewski, Jeff Lawless

Having just lost her Indonesian mother less than a year ago, MARIANNA, a biracial Indonesian woman, comes home to Pasadena for her, Caucasian, DAD's birthday. 

USA / Comedy / 11 minutes

Director: Emily Lerer

Writer: Emily Nash

Producer: Emily Nash, Sheri Effres, Nicole Friedberg, Sara Appelbaum

Cast: Emily Nash, John Noble Barrack, Jonathan Fishman, Sheri Effres, Stephanie Sherry, Olivia Nielsen, Ruari Marie, Tessa Michaelis

While at her wedding cake tasting, Judy, a self-proclaimed "Jew-ish" woman, tastes a piece of Jewish apple cake and is catapulted back in time to just before her dreaded bat mitzvah in a reverse 13 Going on 30 Jewish nightmare

Mother's Tongue.jpg
Mother's Tongue
USA / Drama / 16 minutes

Director/Writer: D. Wilmos Paul

Producer: Austin Oggletree, Edward Johnson

Cast: Abdoul Lamine, Vivia Armstrong

Junior, an African teenager, ashamed of his accent, enrolls in a creative writing club thinking he can make it through the semester without speaking… until he’s faced with his worst fear.

How to Deal With Fame.jpg
How to Deal With Fame
USA / Drama / 21 minutes

Director/Writer: Tiffany Ike

Producer: Noura Alavi, Matthew Morris, Rebecca Murga

Cast: Alexis Peters, Nicole Danielle Watts, Jaquai Wade

A masculine-presenting actress has been given the role of a lifetime as the star in a Broadway-bound production, where she plays a character that dresses and presents quite the opposite of her.

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