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Ordinary Family.jpg
Ordinary Family
China / Horror / 36 minutes

Director/Writer: Funing Tang

Producer: Lu Liu

Cast: Shuai Song, Man Yang, Ping Ge

The 27-year-old Rongqiang Xiao (Son) still lives at his childhood home, with his alcoholic father (Father) and loving but clingy mother (Mother). On this day, a kind of zombie plague spreads in his community, and turns humans into zombies with obsessions.

China / Drama / 17 minutes

Director/Writer: Jingyi Chen

Producer: Xiaoyin Zhang, Sherry Shen

Cast: Yuyao Fang, Bing Zhang, Zhonghui Gong

We tend to have an aspiration to achieve something extraordinary in our life, but most people end up being ordinary, when we try to achieve our goals assiduously in a narrow field and pay little attention to anything other than our profession, do we actually miss something more meaningful in our life?

Lucky Cat.JPG
Lucky Cat
Hong Kong / Drama / 25 minutes

Director: Yeung Kwong Chung

Writer: Yeung Kwong Chung, Wan Shuk Han

Producer: Fruit Chan

Cast: Lam Hoi Suet, Mui Chun Ho, Deng Yue Ping, Ho Sai Man

Ah Fut, a lowly parking attendant is very superstitious. One day, he encounters a mute fortune teller who reveals a secret to him. Suddenly, Ah Fut becomes un-naturally lucky.

The Night Without The Internet.JPG
The Night Without The Internet
Taiwan / Drama / 16 minutes

Director/Writer: Tsung Hsuan Yeh

Producer: Ivy Shen

Cast: Ko-Yuan Wang

One night, Deng's favorite live streamer Annie announces she would quit the streaming. At the same moment, the Internet is mysteriously disconnected around the world.

Piano Lessons.JPG
Piano Lessons
USA / Drama / 30 minutes

Director/Writer: Yung-Chih Hsu

Producer: Xin Li, David Liu

Cast: Chandler Dean, Sheila Houlahan, Michael Hyland

Thomas, a sensitive and stubborn eleven-year-old boy, tries to make sense of his feelings for his piano teacher.

Ngot / Sucré
Vietnam / Drama / 25 minutes

Director/Writer: Joel Nguyen

Producer: Nam Nguyen, Jay Do

Cast: Lu Do, Thu Giang

A girl wondering about her existence after seeing ants taking a sugar cube back to their nest.

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