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The Dress

Lust, sexuality and physicality. These are the deepest desires virgin Julia suppresses while working at a wayside motel. That is until she crosses paths with a handsome truck driver, who soon becomes the object of her fantasies...

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Tadeusz Łysiak

Born in 1993 in Warsaw, Poland. A student of directing at Warsaw Film School, and a graduate of the Department of Cultural Studies at the University of Warsaw. Director of the award-winning short film "Techno"

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Tadeusz Łysiak DIRECTOR'S COMMENTARY The Dress


"Our Child" by Samuel Flückiger & Philippe Grob

A married couple HANNA and MICHAEL have been longing for a baby for years. With the help of an agency in Ukraine, they have found a young surrogate who will carry their child for them.

Full of excitement, Hanna and Michael travel from Switzerland to the Ukraine for the second ultrasound. They visit YULIA in the agency‘s villa on the outskirts of Kiev. The impoverished but spirited surrogate is now 22 weeks pregnant.

During the exam, they find out that they are expecting a girl. But to their shock, the gynecologist also discovers a heart defect. The findings of the subsequent amniotic fluid test reveal that the unborn child has Down syndrome.

According to the contract with the agency, the couple alone must decide whether they want to have an abortion.


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