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SUNDAY JULY 28, 10:00 PM 

Visiting Birdie_edited.jpg
Visiting Birdie
USA / Drama / 16 minutes

Director: Hadley Dion, Deborah Maxwell Dion

Writer: Hadley Dion

Producer: Jenny Gulley

Cast: Karen Strassman, Izzy Watts, Kate Alberts

Sixteen year old Sam explores her relationship with a new friend during an anxiety inducing day at Grandma's.

Get Your Story Straight.jpg
Get Your Story Straight
USA / Comedy / 16 minutes

Director: Myra Aquino, Ariel Felix

Writer: Myra Aquino, Ariel Felix, Eric Hwang

Producer: Paul Martinez

Cast: Emy Coligado, Evan D'Angeles, Ariel Felix

After bailing out his sister charged with murdering her girlfriend, a successful attorney brings her to his house for some legal counseling. But when their two other siblings show up, he must take control of their unexpected arrival in this dark comedy about family, forgiveness and murder.

Jackrabbit Homestead.jpg
Jackrabbit Homestead
USA / Drama / 21 minutes

Director/Writer: Kimberlea Kressal

Producer: Kimberlea Kressal, Sharon Freedman, Viridiana Lieberman

Cast: Yara Martinez, Dechelle Damien, Brandon Morris

A bereft widow inherits a 5-acre homestead in the desert. As she struggles to forget her past and build a new life for herself in this isolating and unrelenting landscape, she starts to believe someone (or something) is tormenting her.

Fall Risk_edited.jpg
Fall Risk
USA / Drama / 19 minutes

Director/Writer: Alex Martini

Producer: Alex Martini, Chad Shields, Bella Thorne

Cast: Victoria Pedretti, Caitlin Stasey, Wagner Moura

A young woman, Dylan (Victoria Pedretti) who finds herself in and out hospitals and rehabilitation centers with the life-changing diagnosis, multiple sclerosis. However, as Dylan navigates her new reality, she begins to suspect something is amiss with her partner, Emily (Caitlin Stasey), and if her body is the biggest deception in her life.

Fire Fcking Fire.JPG
Fire F*cking Fire
USA / Comedy / 17 minutes

Director/Writer: Julia Eringer, Rachel Paulson

Producer: Kirsten Knisely, Dublin Wahlberg

Cast: VIco Ortiz, Calico Cooper, Capri Campeau


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