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JULY 27, 3:15PM 

The Biographer's Wife.jpg
The Biographer's Wife
USA / Drama / 26 minutes

Director/Writer: Lily Darragh Harty

Producer: Michael A. Perez

Cast: Félixe De Becker, Benjamin Kauffman, Alexandria Collins, Matthew Rhodes, C.W. Smith

During a disastrous dinner party on a night leading up to the birth of their first child, Marielle and Patrick find the wedge dividing them to be stronger than they’d thought.

Where There's Smoke.jpg
Where There's Smoke
USA / Drama / 20 minutes

Director: Gabe Braden

Writer: Preston Tholan

Producer: Katie Sarrels

Cast: Amber Gray

Two women with bad habits and bad boyfriends have a chance meeting late at night.

Jurassic Punk.jpg
Jurassic Punk
USA / Dark Comedy / 14 minutes

Director: Joshua Akin

Writer: Youssef Gouda

Producer: Patrick Michael, Beidi Wang

Cast: Nic D'Avirro, Taylor Scorse, Philip Alexander

In 1976, guitarist Danny Brooklyn was kicked out of his own band... Now 45 years later, the iconic punk group Brooklyn is getting back together, and Danny is determined to ditch his retirement home to crash the reunion. But he’ll need to patch things up with his estranged daughter Sam to have any shot at pulling it off.

A Smaller Big Bang.jpg
A Smaller Big Bang
USA / Dark Comedy / 9 minutes

Director/Writer: Jeff Perreca

When divorce just won't do for a miserable married couple, they each hire contract killers to take the other out, only their plans go horribly awry when the killers show up on the same night.

USA / Drama / 7 minutes

Director/Writer: Marie Rouhban

Producer: Juliette Poirier

Cast: Hank Moen Fisher, Mary Kenner, Josette Leblond

While indulging in his favorite hobbie, a lonely young man finds himself longing for companionship, especially as 2 old ladies enter
the same patio he’s in and start catching up.

Flat Earther.jpg
Flat Earther
USA / Drama / 10 minutes

Director: Brian James Crewe

Writer: Brian James Crewe, Matt Keil, Joe Holt, Amy Sloan, Mario Rivas

Producer: Brian James Crewe, Matt Keil

Cast: Joe Holt, Amy Sloan

Martin and Cassandra’s promising second date takes an unexpected turn when their conversation challenges personal beliefs and their assumptions about each other. By the end of the night both will find they are living in a world much different than what they believed it to be.

Let's Bring Them Alive!.JPG
Let's Bring Them Alive!
USA / Experimental Drama / 5 minutes

Director: Eli Sokhn

Writer: Azize Erim, Yasemin Isil

Producer: Azize Erim, Yasemin Isil

Cast: Darius Levanté, Mathieu Szymkowiak, David Madwin

Leon and Hugo are childhood friends who go into the army together. They meet on a sunny afternoon at the park to spend sometime however their conversation takes another turn after Hugo confesses that he is playing dead on the battlefield in order to avoid killing anyone.

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