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Hot or Iced.JPG
Hot Or Iced?
USA / Drama / 2 minutes

Director/Writer: Anthony Chirco

Producer: Anthony Chirco, Taylor Jade

Cast: Hokuto Konishi, Karim Phelps, Charlit Dae

A man’s decision-making process is illustrated through a surreal fight between two opposing sides of his brain in a coffee shop.

The Hearts that Bleed & Bloom_edited.jpg
The Hearts that Bleed & Bloom
USA / Drama / 11 minutes

Director/Writer: Seth Bakke

Producer: Christopher Putlock, Sophia Costanzo

Cast: Erika Nadir, Karl Schreyer

When her son unexpectedly dies, a mother seeks closure by meeting the recipient of his transplanted heart.

Guardian Angel_edited.jpg
Guardian Angel
USA / Drama / 16 minutes

Director: Joey Rogoff, Brian Yuran

Writer: Brian Yuran

Producer: Christian Rose

Cast: Sufe Bradshaw, James Fahselt, Katie Leszynski

After enduring an abusive relationship and experiencing a miscarriage, Wilma Reed immerses herself in her career as a flight attendant. While working Flight J777 with service from Jacksonville, FL to Los Angeles, CA she notices something off with one of the younger female passengers.

American Body.jpg
American Body
USA / Dark Comedy / 19 minutes

Director: Juan Zuloaga Eslait

Writer: Adam Fagan

Producer: Melissa Valdiviezo

Cast: Brock Morse, Alicia Blasingame, Adam Fagan

To pay for a loved one's healthcare, a washed-up sitcom star must surgically amputate his arm in order to play a vietnam veteran in a big studio film.

En Pointe.jpg
En Pointe
USA / Drama / 15 minutes

Director: Megan Lee

Writer: Megan Lee, Samantha K. Tan

Producer: Joseph Choi, Samuel King Yen Lin, Samantha K. Tan

Cast: Valerie Loo, Esther Moon, Edgar de Santiago

When a young ballet dancer has the opportunity to compete in a hip-hop dance crew audition, her ambitions are met by her imposing mother who has other plans in store.

Above the Desert with No Name_edited.jpg
Above the Desert with No Name
USA / Drama / 17 minutes

Director: Sonia Sebastián

Writer: Heather Older

Producer: Heather Older, Sonia Sebastián

Cast: Mayra Batalla, Max Adler

Above the Desert with No Name is a short film that begins with the real-world issue of women fleeing into the United States to escape domestic violence in their own country. 

Red Man.jpg
Red Man
USA / Experimental / 11 minutes

Director/Writer: Xinhao Lu

Producer: Wuliang Zhang, Yuqin Hong

Cast: Jiaming Guo, Dingjie Li, Dalit Berkowitz

A Chinese young acrobat is asked to re-perform the acrobatic action by white audience in the lounge.

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