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USA / Comedy / 16 minutes

Director: Kaye Tuckerman

Writer: Mary McDonnell

Producer: Rebecca Knowles

Cast: Rebecca Knowles, Mary McDonnell, Jim O'Hare

How do we cope when our life crumbles around us? Maggie is a type A twenty-something who had her entire life vision boarded from age 7.

Flatulence The OriginFlatulence.jpg
Flatulence: The Origin
USA / Sci-Fi / 13 minutes

Director/Writer: Xingyu "Harry" Chen

Producer: "Ella" Xinchen Zhang, "Jessica" Qinyue Luo

Cast: Jesse Stevenson, Adrienne Janic

A troubled corporate employee must complete a special leadership training for his long-awaited promotion after mysteriously gaining the ability to generate lethal farts.

American Sikh
USA / Animation / 10 minutes

Director/Writer: Vishavjit Singh, Ryan Westra

Producer: Vishavjit Singh

Cast: Vishavjit Singh

The animated true story of a turban-wearing American Sikh, who after a lifetime of facing prejudice, self-doubt and violence, finally finds acceptance in a superhero costume.

Mom Is Visiting_edited.jpg
Mom Is Visiting
USA / Drama / 11 minutes

Director: Meixuan Li

Writer: Dongwon Oh

Producer: Meixuan Li, Bridget Gales, Dallas Gracia, Yuxing Lei, Po Wei Su

Cast: Marina Savoy, Lee Chen

When Ying, a successful voice actor in Los Angeles lets slip to her overbearing mother, Hong that she is pregnant via IVF, Hong decides to spontaneously visit to set her daughter up with a series of blind dates.

China / Drama / 30 minutes

Director: Tanxuan Shi, Ziyuan Wang

Writer: Tanxuan Shi

Producer: Ziyuan Wang

Cast: Phoebe Gu, Arena Zhan

Isabella, an out- of- date girl group idol who is experiencing a double crisis of career and age, decides to make a comeback with live-streaming; she plans to become a Chinese head influencer by selling an emerging medical bio-sector fund in North America.

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