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JULY 26, 3:45PM 

Little Mary.jpg
Little Mary
United Kingdom / Drama / 16 minutes

Director/Writer: Duncan Paveling

Producer: Karen Newman

Cast: Suzanna Hamilton, Stephen Boxer

After a diagnosis of cancer, Mary, an experienced Marionette maker, turns to her craft and beloved husband, as a way to deal with her grief.

One Small Visit_edited.jpg
One Small Visit
Hong Kong / Drama / 30 minutes

Director/Writer: Jo Chim

Producer: Jo Chim, Morgan Davidoff, Mac Summers, Michelle Arvizu, Anisha Abraham

Cast: Gabriella Sundar Singh, Vick Krishna, Ellora Patnaik, Rose Williamson Philip

One Small Visit is the incredible true story of an immigrant Indian family who unexpectedly passes through the tiny Midwest hometown of Neil Armstrong in the wake of the '69 moon landing and the civil rights movement and ends up on the doorstep of the Armstrong home.

Korea / Drama / 8 minutes

Director: Bason Baek

Writer: Bae Seung Baek

Producer: Hyeong Jun Ahn

Cast: Sung Teak Park, Won Hyoung An, Ji Woo Kim, Yang Ku Lee

Most people in this world are headless. DuSeong is a police officer; one of the few that still have a head. He takes on a sexual assault case, where both the perpetrator and the victim lose their heads. One day, he discovers his daughter has also become headless, and is faced with a choice.

Denmark / Drama / 12 minutes

Director/Writer: Hanne Bruun

Producer: Kim Magnusson, Hanne Bruun

Cast: Casper Kjær Jensen, Bertil Smith, Rikke Bilde, Christopher Lillmann

Simon is on a quest to find the perfect pair of running shoes so his little brother can look like a real runner on his birthday. The two brothers have a special bond and together they experience the power of imagination.

Can I Help_edited.jpg
Can I Help?
United Kingdom / Drama / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Rupert Ratcliffe

Producer: Rupert Ratcliffe

Cast: Nicholas Pinnock, Mark Strong

An operating system tries to help a successful and overworked architect get over the break up of his family.

El Rey.jpg
El Rey
USA / Drama / 9 minutes

Director/Writer: Jonathan D London

Producer: Georg Kallert

An unfamiliar smell on Gustavo's shirt causes his wife Lupe to grow suspicious. Then when he arrives home late that night for dinner her fears are all but confirmed: he is a lying rat! Lupe tells God that night that it would be easier if Gustavo was a rat... and the next morning she wakes up to a big surprise! Gustavo is gone and there is a rat in his place!

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