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When I Die_edited.jpg
When I Die
USA / Drama / 11 minutes

Director/Writer: Syuen Chia

Producer: Sebastian Reyes, Kellen Hill

Cast: Brylee Hsu, Miju Kim Pascual, Alexandre Chen

After fixating on a lifeless body at an open-casket funeral, Lianne’s world turns upside down as she grapples with the fragility and unpredictability of life.

Ireland / Music / 4 minutes

Director/Writer: Brian Benjamin Dwyer

Producer: Brian Benjamin Dwyer, BK Pepper

Cast: BK Pepper, Ger FitzGibbon, Sinead O'Riordan

An exiled music composer gets reunited with his music is an unexpected place.

USA / Drama / 14 minutes

Director: Vincent Salah Essid

Writer: John Zachary Thurman

Producer: David Willner, Camila Papadopouo

Cast: Jeromy Ramos, Eddie Alfano, Dominique Star

Split is the story about a hopeless romantic teenager who discovers that the jukebox in his family’s bowling alley, sends him back to the glory days of it in the 1980s. With the bowling alley closing down and with limited chances to go back in time, he must choose between a shot at love in the past or healing the relationship with his father in the present.

Little Lucha & The Big Deal_edited.jpg
Little Lucha & The Big Deal
USA / Comedy / 14 minutes

Director: Scarlet Moreno, Josh Stifter

Writer: Scarlet Moreno, Josh Stifter

Producer: Daniel Degnan

Cast: Scarlet Moreno, Josh Stifter

A story of two underdogs, Little Lucha & The Big Deal celebrates the less than glamorous side of going for that impossible dream and all the hope, blood, and tears that the dream demands as tribute.

Things Are Good.JPG
Things Are Good
USA / Drama / 15 minutes

Director: Jo Zhao

Writer: Joanna Zhao

Producer: Seth Van Matre, Olivia Alicea, Joanna Zhao

Cast: Josie Hung, Mario Houle

This Experimental Drama chronicles a high schooler's determination to live a picture-perfect life. Vera carefully curates memories in the form of still images; images she is willing to edit as she sees fit. In the days leading up to an important interview, she has a disturbing encounter, threatening her very reality and the idealized life she had built for herself.

Arcade Moon_edited.png
Arcade Moon
USA / Drama / 17 minutes

Director: William Michael Anderson

Writer: Robert Steven Anderson

Producer: William Michael Anderson

Cast: Robert Steven Anderson, Danielle Juliet Ma, Carl Solomon

An alcoholic thirtysomething father attempts to reconnect with his estranged son at the local arcade. When his ex-wife and her new boyfriend learn about his unannounced arrival, Cutter must confront his personal demons or risk losing his family forever.

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