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Camera Obscura_edited.jpg
Camera Obscura
USA / High School Short / 14 minutes

Director/Writer: Elijah Segal

Producer: Amadora Paola

Cast: Albert Kong, Camila Kong

Marc has been being followed by a Camera, filming his life, for the past couple of days. Marc tries to ignore it, but when the confrontation has gone too far, he reveals more of what these past couple of days have entailed than he may have wanted.

Find My_edited.jpg
Find My
USA / High School Short / 6 minutes

Director: Theo Howard-Gabel

Writer: Theo Howard-Gabel, Alero Mack III

Producer: Theo Howard-Gabel

Cast: Mack Noe, Bryce Dallas Howard

A 17 year old boy wanders the city alone, avoiding his feelings and his mother's constant calls.

Perspectives on a Park Bench.jpg
Perspectives on a Park Bench
USA / High School Short / 8 minutes

Director/Writer: Henry Kaufman

Producer: Hera Farago

Cast: Henry Kaufman, Teri Ralston

After a chance encounter in the park, a teenage boy shares music with an elderly woman, uncovering her past as a renowned musician and sparking a conversation about the importance of life's journey.

Sweet 16_edited.jpg
Sweet 16
Korea / High School Short / 7 minutes

Director/Writer: Kyle Kim

Producer: Elaine Lim

On the day before her 16th birthday, Emma, a Korean-American teen girl, meets a Korean woman, Jung, in her neighborhood and invites her to spend the night at her house.

Memorandum Inc..jpg
Memorandum Inc.
USA / High School Short / 8 minutes

Director: Aidan Rutman

Writer: Aidan Rutman, Brendan Goldberg

Producer: Daniel Stotsky

Cast: Leo Ross, Daisy Harkin-Goodrich, Josephine Reitman

A youthful-eyed workaholic and skilled sales analysis professional leaves home for a new position at a boutique corporation. As he assimilates into the company, the strange manner of his coworkers, coupled by his slow descent into mysterious memory loss, gives way to a harrowing secret.

USA / High School Short / 9 minutes

Director: Drew Beerman, Arya Hakimi

Writer: Drew Beerman

Producer: Drew Beerman, Arya Hakimi, Lola Lugash

Cast: Mattias Ferrel, Sean Van Der Wilt, Rodrigo Jimenez

A college student’s pursuit for clear vision takes a comedic turn after encountering a zany and unprofessional optometrist who notoriously curses students with dopey looking glasses.

USA / High School Short / 6 minutes

Director/Writer: Alexa Jeong

Producer: Alexa Jeong

Cast: Victoria Grace, Brenda King

Grace earns a life-changing amount of money that can launch her music career. But when her mom’s business is in need of saving, conflict arises.

You're Dead Already, Bro_edited.jpg
You're Dead Already, Bro
USA / High School Short / 6 minutes

Director: Samuel Green

Cast: Emilio Morgenstern

In an uplifting documentary, a high school immigrant to the US from Mexico faces questions of life and death as he struggles with kidney failure.

Ghost Hunted.jpg
Ghost Hunted
USA / High School Short / 5 minutes

Director/Writer: Addy Wright

Producer: Addy Wright

Cast: Eli Lee, David Lopez, Thea Marsh

When locals and paranormal enthusiasts begin to question whether the notorious Witherford Haunted House is really haunted, it’s up to the house’s resident ghosts to prove once and for all that their haunted house is anything but fake.

USA / High School Short / 4 minutes

Director/Writer: Aaniyah Marwah, Zachary Westerman

Producer: Brighton Hall Student Council

Cast: Tori LaHaye, Sean Baker, Sasha Geller

Lily, a shy High School student, tries her best, but feels Invisible. This short painfully illustrates the scourge of campus bullying.

My Dark Angels_edited.png
My Dark Angels
USA / High School Short / 4 minutes

Director/Writer: Azza Brummer

Producer: Emi Naito

Cast: Trae Ireland, Lauren Zavala, Francesca Sanchez

A teenage girl with paranormal visions confronts a mental health professional with a deadly turn.

Pest Control_edited.jpg
Pest Control
USA / High School Short / 10 minutes

Director: Elijah Paul

Writer: Elijah Paul, Griffin Peters

Cast: Levi Ratican, Griffin Peters, Molly Gordon

Teenage monster hunters answer a routine call, but end up in over their heads.

A Soldier's Dilemma_edited.jpg
A Soldier's Dilemma
USA / High School Short / 4 minutes

Director/Writer: Collin Nelson

Producer: Collin Nelson, Joey Scott

Cast: Micah Polaha, Henry Oakes

A World War II soldier is forced to make a horrible decision.

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