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JULY 22, 1:00PM 

USA / Drama / 14 minutes

Director/Writer: Diane Lansing

Producer: Renee Dorian, Cassandra Coppola, Diane Lansing

Cast: Greg Kriek, Emily Bader, Abigail Kochunas

Trust is inspired by true events that are all too familiar today. A moment in time set in Varese, Italy during WW2, when a young jewish girl is questioned by a Nazi Lieutenant who wiles her with chocolate and outdoor play then tries to trick her into revealing her families true identities by switching languages to expose her family is Jewish.

USA / Drama / 20 minutes

Director: Kevin M Turner

Writer: Kevin M Turner, Kyle Ivan Tiner

Producer: Mackenzie Cushine, Cory Brozik, Justin Watkins, Thomas Smith

Cast: William Nicol, Aubree Lea Bouche

A lonely man builds an artificially intelligent woman to be his companion only to discover she doesn't have feelings for him in return.

Ten Essentials.jpg
Ten Essentials
USA / Drama / 13 minutes

Director: Travis Greene

Writer: Peter LeFevre

Producer: Aly Trasher, Eddy Acosta

Cast: Eddy Acosta, Galen Howard

A man wakes up in the desert chained to a corpse.

The day at the Beach.JPG
The Day, at the Beach
USA / Drama / 22 minutes

Director/Writer: Cindy Di Xin

Producer: Mingqi Maggie Tao

A coming-of-age family drama story about a teenage girl who must reckon with her relationship with her parents when she uncovers her father's deepest secret during his well-intention trip to visit her.

Bunker The Last Fleet.jpg
Bunker: The Last Fleet
Australia / Drama / 14 minutes

Director: Rowan Pullen, Stephen Potter

Writer: Rowan Pullen, Stephen Potter, Natasha Wanganeen

Producer: Jessica Giacco, Rowan Pullen, Stephen Potter, Natasha Wanganeen

Cast: Natasha Wanganeen, Roy Phung, Trevor Jamieson

The year is 2057. For six years the extraterrestrial invaders have occupied our world. The harvest of humankind has begun. When they arrived, everything was lost. The people, the land the system ... gone. Those who survive, remain in hiding and live by one rule: avoid all contact.

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