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USA / Drama / 14 minutes

Director/Writer: Kanya Iwana

Producer: Zack Rice, Kanya Iwana

Cast: Arawinda Kirana

In "Home", a contained, experimental short film, a lonely and paranoid Indonesian expat is forced to look inward while rehearsing an acting monologue that is too close to home - or lack thereof.

Icing on Her Cake_edited.jpg
Icing on Her Cake
USA / Drama / 10 minutes

Director: Cedric Christophorus, Victoria Gunawan

Writer: Cedric Christophorus, Victoria Gunawan, Gwendy Soendjojo

Producer: Cedric Christophorus

Cast: Christabelle Marbun, Raina Abigail, Cassidy Burroughs

A reserved Southeast Asian woman tries to understand the life of her American housemate solely through the groceries of their shared refrigerator, sticky notes, and a series of voicemails.

USA / Drama / 12 minutes

Director/Writer: Joy Tan

Producer: Lily Yang

Cast: Yuqing Lai, Angela Lin, Xingtong Zhou

In the heart of the city, best friends Yu Zhou and A Qing welcome a friend grappling with a recent breakup. Together in Yu Zhou's apartment, they find solace watching a movie, the narrative on screen reflecting the complexities of love.

USA / Drama / 13 minutes

Director/Writer: Rhym Guissé

Producer: Kevin Howley, Dan Lobrace, Jameela Abdullah

Cast: Rhym Guissé, Joanna Pinto, Kkuumba Siegel

Embattled immigrant Aliyah just wants to do good, and she believes she’s found a way through the Environmental Justice Society (EJS). During her first week of volunteering, Aliyah finds she is an outlier within the trendy environmental activism world.

A Larp's Tale.JPG
A Larp's Tale
USA / Comedy / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Katie Prael, Ruby Ulla Jerins

Producer: Katie Prael, Ruby Ulla Jerins, Luke Prael

Cast: Artemio Leclerc-Jones, Chasson Mata, Izzi McCool

12 LARPers meet in the woods to enact a fantasy role-play battle between the Kingdom of Froid & the Kingdom of Agor. Tensions are high, players are committed, and glory for the throne is at stake. But it’s all just a game, right?

God is Grey_edited.jpg
God is Grey
Germany / Drama / 24 minutes

Director: Jennifer Drake

Writer: Jennifer Drake, Kwadwo Amoh

Producer: Rebekka Schug

Cast: Jolade Obasola, Frederick Yeboah, Jada Addo

Having been raised in a Christian household, Chris (30) faces the challenge of finding his place in the world, particularly due to his two mothers who chose to keep their relationship hidden. When one of his mothers, Paddy (58), passes away,

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