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Spain / Mystery / 17 minutes

Director/Writer: Jairo González

Producer: Hernán Zin, Jairo González

Cast: Mónica Bardem, Nerea Barros, Julio Jiménez, Júlia Fortaña, Lucia Valero

The disappearance of a child in the small town of Fortuna unchains a series of events that will impact the local detective's life and reveal a shocking secret.

Night Breakers_edited.jpg
Night Breakers
Spain / Drama / 18 minutes

Director/Writer: Campoy Gabriel, Lafoz Guillem

Producer: Coca Joan, Attalla Valentina

Cast: Tarbet Andrew, Huang Chacha, Gonzalvo Anna, Fernandez Pol

A group of people trudge through a maze of underground tunnels. They break the absolute darkness with the abundant lights that are attached to their bodies, in baroque suits loaded with batteries and lights of many kinds. On their journey they will have to face the dangers that lurk in the dark and what’s worse: themselves.

Portugal / Drama / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Guilherme Branquinho

Producer: Frederico Serra, Andreia Nunes

Cast: Cristovão Campos, Isabel Abreu

After another long day at work, at 3 am, an exhausted man searches for a seemingly inexistent place to park his car. When he discovers he's not alone, what seemed like a routine exercise turns into a surreal race with deadly consequences.

Black Peider.jpg
Black Peider
Finland / Comedy/ 11 minutes

Director: Jukka Vidgren

Writer: Jukka Vidgren, Petteri Tikkanen

Producer: Jukka Vidgren

Cast: Ukko Raatikainen, Janne Kinnunen, Matti Nurminen, Petteri Tikkanen

Story of a young boy who summons his inner superhero Black Peider to help him win over his father and grandfather.

My dad's an alien!.jpg
My Dad's an Alien!
Finland / Drama / 15 minutes

Director: Elin Grönblom

Writer: Elin Grönblom, Ted Forsström

Producer: Tage Rönnqvist

Cast: Lilah Sandberg, Matti Raita, Susanne Marins, Johan Aspelin

A 9-year old girl gets a visit from her dad from out of space, but he is followed by an Alien hunter and the only way for the girl to save him, is if her mom starts to believe her.

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