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Almost Home
Germany / Sci-Fi / 30 minutes

Director: Nils Keller

Writer: Nils Keller, Maximilian Richert

Producer: Carolina Oswald, Jonas Lembeck

Cast: Susanne Wolff, Jeremias Meyer, Stephan Kampwirth

Coming of age. Sci-Fi. Having lived on a spaceship with his mother for two years, Jacob's dream of returning home is finally about to come true. But as they close in on Earth, they receive word of a great danger that could put the teenager in mortal peril. And with the uncertainty of his return, an even bigger question arises whether the boy is mature enough to make life changing decisions by himself.

Germany / Sci-Fi / 13 minutes

Director/Writer: Ammar Sonderberg

Producer: Ammar Sonderberg, Hanna Sophia Johnen, Michael Linn

Cast: Oliver Neitzel

An ASTRONAUT on a foreign Planet. His oxygen reserves are running out and he doesn’t have any food. His situation seems completely hopeless, but there is a surprising twist at the end.

Germany / Drama / 13 minutes

Director/Writer: Cengiz Akaygün

Producer: Cengiz Akaygün

Cast: Jiyan Akaygün, Halima Ilter, Ecem Türkmen

A fully veiled girl named AYSHA(10) is sitting in the courtyard of a house in Rojava, Syria playing with her slingshot when her little SISTER(11) joins them. The two are presented this morning by a WOMAN (38), who is also covered, in front of an exam. They should quote from the Koran. While Aysha's sister passes the exam in an exemplary manner, Aysha struggles with it. Unlike her sister, she is rebellious and would like to break out of the role that has been assigned to her. When the woman takes more drastic measures, Aysha understands the seriousness of the situation.

Germany / Thriller / 13 minutes

Director/Writer: Lukas Herbrand

Producer: Lukas Herbrand, Lars Bastian

Cast: Matthias Wolkowski, Dieter Rupp, George Baumgartl

A man calls the police, because he thinks someone broke into his house.

Germany / Drama / 12 minutes

Director/Writer: Wesley Tc Howard

Producer: Matthias Fleischmann

Cast: Anna Mennicken, Patrick Sass, Christopher Köberlein, David O. Riedel, John Ludwig

Franconia, Germany 1812. Four Deserters of the Grande Armee are seemingly hunted down by their former comrades. But it is not just the armee that is seeking revenge on the traitors.

Germany / Drama / 33 minutes

Director: Andreas Kessler

Writer: Fabien Virayie

Producer: Max Breuer

Cast: Anton Krymskiy, Peter Miklusz, Jevgenij Sitochin

Twelve year old violin player Mitka is supposed to execute an attack on several SS officers in the name of a ukrainian partisan movement. But this attempt will also put his only friend in life danger.

Germany / Drama / 23 minutes

Director/Writer: Alexandra (Ali) Mauritz

Producer: Alexandra (Ali) Mauritz

Cast: Elisabeth Frank, Hendrik Massute

A lonely seamstress receives a strange request: to sew a cloak made only from the wings of moths. A work of delicate beauty is painstakingly crafted, and with it a fragile bond between two lost souls. But as soon as the work is finished, her client disappears. Searching for him, she discovers his secret. The cloak holds his final hope to escape a hostile world of lights. Is it possible to reach the freedom of moonlight? Or is her client a lunatic, crazy enough to jump to his death for a fantasy?

Germany / Sci-fi / 6 minutes

Director/Writer: Andrey Kezzyn

Producer: Andrey Shibanov, Niko Tsarev, Andrey Kezzyn, Antanas Kleinas

Cast: Michele Reilly, Seth Lloyd

Two physicist collaborators use a quantum computer to simulate a projective closed time-like curve, the mathematics of time travel, using themselves as the frame of reference. This takes them on an unexpected journey into themselves.

Taste of Home.jpg
Taste of Home
Germany / Drama / 29 minutes

Director: Âni Võ

Writer: Kathi Kiesl, Âni Võ

Producer: Max Wallner, Tobias Bissinger, Âni Võ

Mai (17), a Vietnamese girl who was trafficked to Germany, has to earn money for her family back in Vietnam but is exploited and sold on by her smugglers. She flees and asks her new friend Linh (11) for help whose mother is part of the system herself. Suddenly, not only Mai but also Linh has to choose between freedom or family.

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