Best of Fest

Al-Sit (Sudan) 

Director/Writer: Suzannah Mirghani

Producer: Suzannah Mirghani, Eiman Mirghani



Best Foreign Film

Aniksha (Canada) 

Director/Writer: Vincent Toi

Producer: Guillaume Collin, Vincent Toi

Best Drama

The Island Of The Dolls (Mexico)

Director/Writer/Producer: Julio César Padilla


Best Comedy

Like The Ones I Used To Know (Canada)

Director/Writer: Annie St-Pierre

Producer: Fanny Drew, Sarah Mannering


Best Animation

Flowing Home (France)

Director/Writer: Sandra Desmazieres

Producer: Dora Benousilio, Julie Roy


Best Experimental

The Moon Child (Barbados)

Director/Writer: Sanna Allsopp

Producer: Sanna Allsopp, Meredith Ostrom


Best Documentary

A Concerto is a Conversation (USA) 

Director: Ben Proudfoot, Kris Bowers

Producer: Jeremy Lambert, Kris Bowers


Best Sci-Fi

Risen (Australia)

Director/Writer: Tony Radevski

Producer: Pete Ireland


Best Horror

The Moogai (Australia)

Director/Writer: Jon Bell

Producer: Samantha Jennings, Kristina Ceyton

Best Music Video

When Winter Comes (UK) 

Director: Geoff Dunbar

Writer: Paul McCartney

Producer: Ben Chappell


Best Web Series

Hudson Falls (USA)

Director/Writer: Elias Plagianos

Producer: Kathleen Burke, Brett Dameron


Best High School Film


Director: Sally-Anne Hunt

Writer: Sally-Anne Hunt, Hannah Theisen

Producer: Sally-Anne Hunt, Brent Duncan



Best of Fest

Lake of Happiness  (Belarus)

Director: Aliaksei Paluyan

Best Foreign Film

Matriochkas  (Belgium)

Director: Bérangère McNeese

Best Drama

The Twelve Thousand  (Canada)

Director: Eric Davis

Best Comedy

Tribes  (USA)

Director: Nino Aldi

Best Animation

Little Hilly  (Taiwan)

Directors: Huang Yun Hsien, Liao Pei Yu

Best Documentary

The Mountain & The Maiden  (USA)

Directors: Shmuel Hoffman, Anton von Heiseler

Best Sci-Fi

Cosmic Fling  (USA)

Director: Jonathan Langager

Best Horror

Something Doesn't Feel Right  (Ireland)

Director: Fergal Costello

Best Experimental

There Are Two Theories  (USA)

Director: Ashton Sterling Bingham

Best Music Video

Black Pumas Colors  (USA)

Director: Kristian Mercado


Best Web Series

Commercials  (USA)

Director: Pam Thomas and JEAN


Best High School Film Narrative

Diamond Game  (USA)

Director: Nolan Hieu Trifunovic

Best High School Film Animation

Instinct  (USA)

Director: Yinuo Wei


Screenplay Competition Winner! 

Hello I Must Be Going by Sara Hallowell


The Thread & The Veil by Garret Walsh

The Far Acre by Garret Walsh

Hunger by Tom Brown

Controllers by Sam Rocco



Best of Fest:  This is Your Cuba (Esta Es Tu Cuba) 


Best Foreign Film: This Time Away 

Special Mention: From This Day Forward


Best Drama: IAGO 


Best Comedy:  Housekeeping 

Special Mention:  Baby Bird


Best Animation: The Ostrich Politic

Special Mention: Guaxuma


Best Documentary: The Return

Best Experimental:  Song Without Words

Best High School Short:  The Doves

Best Web Series:  Production Incorporated


Best New Chinese Filmmaker:  Lip Reader: Game Of Detective

Special Mention:  The Outlying Islands


Best Sci Fi: Slice of Life

Best Horror: Once Upon a Time in a Haunted House

Best Music Video: Lost Kings "When We Were Young"

Best Actor: Timothy Spall (This Time Away), Kim Estes (Together)

Best Actress: Sheila Hancock (From This Day Forward)

Screenplay Competition Winner

BORN IN L.A. "Dolls and All"  by Marlene Sharp



Best of Fest

Little Match Girl 

Drama / Sweden / 17 min  

Director: Bjorne Larson 

Producers: Kim Magnusson, Oliver Oftedal

Best Foreign Film

The Hangman 

Drama / South Africa / 22 min

Director: Zwelethu Radebe 

Producers: Dumisani Mvumvu, Kearen Pennells

Best Drama

It Gets Better

Drama / Germany / 21 min

Director: Adi Wojaczek

Producer: Patrick Mölleken

Best Comedy

The Dreamer 

Comedy / USA / 5 min 

Directors: Armand & Nat Prisco, Eric Eckelman 

Producer: Mark Forlenza  


Best Comedy

Fire in Cardboard City 

Comedy/Animation / New Zealand / 9 min 

Director: Phil Brough

Producers: Matt Heath, Orlando Stewart   


Best Animation


Animation / Argentina / 9 min. 

Director: Abel Goldfarb 

Producers: Gastón Gorali, Juan Jose Campanella

Best Documentary

We Became Fragments

Documentary / USA / 13 min. 

Directors: Luisa Conlon, Lacy Roberts, Hanna Miller

Producer: Luisa Conlon  

Best Experimental


Experimental / Australia / 5 min. 

Director/Producer: Ming-Zhu Hii

Best Music Video


Music Video / USA / 5 min. 

Director/Producer: Dave Suchanek 

Best Actors 

Philip Baker Hall - (Dear Chickens)

Owen Miller - (Marcus)

Best Actress

Joan Collins - (Gerry) 

LA Shorts Screenplay Competition Winner

Requiem Terezin by Elad Tzadok

Best High School Film

Catman: The Love Thief

Comedy / USA / 17 min. 

Director: Austin Coombs-Perez  

Producers: Austin Coombs-Perez, Ginger Port