Hudson Falls.jpg
Hudson Falls
USA / Mystery / 22 minutes

Director/Writer: Elias Plagianos

Producer: Kathleen Burke, Brett Dameron

Cast: Richard Kind, Jessica Hecht

The secrets of a small upstate town that revolve around an eccentric scientist (William Sadler) begin to unravel when a private eye from the city (Richard Kind) takes on a seemingly mundane job in an effort to rekindle a relationship with his ex wife (Jessica Hecht).

Lost in Moldova.jpg
Lost in Moldova
Moldova / Comedy / 15 minutes

Director: Calin Laur, Vlad Bolgarin

Writer: John E. Lewis

Producer: Lucia Lupu, Vlad Bolgarin

Cast: Kenny Grimble Jr.

Diego joins the Peace Corps to win back his ex. He imagines exotic locales, instead he finds himself "Lost in Moldova". Follow his adventures as he navigates the cultural differences that divide us and the shared humor and humanity that unites us.

UK / Comedy / 26 minutes

Director: Will Nash

Writer/Producer: Venetia Twigg, Will Nash

A female-led anthology bringing together the worlds of theatre and film.

USA /  Drama / 20 minutes 

Director: Millie Rose Heywood

Writer: Anna Parsons, Millie Rose Heywood

Producer: Jasmine Gillison, Millie Rose Heywood

Cast:​ Anna Parsons, Devin Neff

A tight-knit coven of millennial witches invites a seemingly innocent outsider into their midst, threatening the intricate balance of their clique and unwittingly exposing them to powerful witchcraft.  Caught up in the drama within their circle, they are left vulnerable to the malefic threats closing in and will discover that awakening real magick comes with dark consequences.

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The Artist's Way Out.jpg
The Artist's Way Out
Canada /  Drama / 8 minutes 

Director: Jeananne Goossen, Robert Jackson

Writer: Jeananne Goossen

Producer: Jeananne Goossen

Cast:​ Kandyse McClure, Keon Alexander

This Canadian indie romantic dramedy about 2 Millenial BIPOC artists hammering out their work and their relationship in the dead of winter in the middle of nowhere. They just started dating and now they’re living together...with deadlines!!!

what we see.jpg
What We See
Australia / Drama / 18 minutes 

Director: James Bogle

Writer: Ali Roberts

Producer: Ali Roberts, Tracie Clark

Cast: Charlotte Watson, Lorena Bongiovanni

A web series that explores the high school experience of two sisters, Samantha and Ella. Sam, a senior and her younger sister, Ella, a freshman. The sisters appear normal to the world but they share a secret gift... they see dead people. Not just ghosts - lost souls who need messages passed onto their living loved ones.