USA / Webisode / 26 mins

Director: Pam Thomas and JEAN

Writer: Natalie Prisco, Pam Thomas
and Lloyd Stein

Producer: Tony Cantale, Lizzie Schwartz

Cast: Nate Lang, Adam Silver

Commercials is a hilarious look at the humorous, ego crushing, overanalyzed silliness that plagues the world of commercial making and everyone involved. Seizing on the seemingly important, but altogether ridiculous scenarios that inherently go along with making commercials, Commercials peels back the curtain on an industry that everyone is familiar with, but very few know much about.

Procedural Justice
USA / Webisode / 11 mins

Director: Josh Callahan

Writer: Josh Callahan, David Alfano

Producer: Josh Callahan, David Alfano

Cast: Josh Callahan, David Alfano

Crime in Murderburg is out of control and there's only one cop who can clean it up. Unfortunately, he's on vacation in the Poconos, so Murderburg will have to settle for the next best thing. Unfortunately, the next best thing has been suspended for gross misconduct. They'll have to settle for Detective Ace Pallagrello's unique brand of Procedural Justice.

Sasha & Condi
USA /  Webisode / 13 mins

Director: Lucretia Stinnette

Writer: Chanel Glover, Juliana "Jewels" Smith

Producer: BlackSQR Productions

Cast:​ Kalilah Harris, Ebony Hardin

Sasha & Condi is a quasi-animated mockumentary comedy series that is a smash between Drunk History and VH1's I Love the 90s. It centers on Sasha and Condi as they retell, but really reimagine their version of nostalgic 90s moments, and their "harrowing" days as the ONLY black spots in a sea of white suburbia.

The Luxury Rental
USA / Webisode / 12 mins

Director/Writer: Narmar Hanna

Producer: Sarah Haruko

Cast: Narmar Hanna, Eric Edwards

The Luxury Rental is a new micro short form comedy web series based in a Luxury apartment building in Los Angeles. In each episode, real estate agent Jade, is tasked with trying to lease a unit to prospective tenants, however she must overcome the hilarious obstacles that come with job. We find that luxury is not always what it seems and you don't always 'get what you pay for'

Carmen Miranda
USA / Webisode / 3 mins

Director: Javier Colon Rios

Writer/Producer: Melissa M Rivera

Cast: Melissa M Rivera, Jorge Rodriguez

Carmen Miranda’s, like the icon from the 40's, life isn't perfect. She doesn't want to be forced to fit a mold. She struggles to adjust to life in America after moving from Puerto Rico. Then, her brother shows up, her coworkers get meaner, dates are a disaster and finally, she makes a radical choice.