IF IT WERE DONE_edited.jpg
If It Were Done
UK / Drama / 13 minutes 

Director: Will Poole

Writer: William Shakespeare, Carey Thring

Producer: Carey Thring

Cast: Carey Thring, Kate Isitt

Three strange women give Macbeth a prophecy that troubles his conscience but inflames his ambition…and that of his wife. Should he take an innocent life and fulfill his destiny? Does he even have a say in the matter? If it were done when tis done, it were well it were done quickly.

Just Delivered.jpg
Just Delivered
UK / Comedy / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Rosie Gaunt-Mathieson

Producer: Amber Howorth, Christina Riggs

Cast: Daniel Braimah, Maia Watkins

To help fund his education and pay his rent Daniel (Daniel Braimah) has started a new job as an on demand takeaway rider. It's a lonely job and he struggles to connect with people, especially as he takes his work so seriously. With his head down he doesn’t notice the keen eye of Kelly (Maia Watkins) in the local chip shop - is she going to have to spell it out to him that she’s interested?

Le Déjeuner_edited.jpg
Le Déjeuner
UK /  Drama / 15 minutes 

Director/Writer: Sweta Tagliabue

Cast:​ Georgia Winters, Liza Van Der Smissen

Even with passion in their relationship, a couple is torn apart by their impossibility to have babies. The harmony of a family dinner is broken as the topic unexpectedly arises and lingers.

Losing Grace
UK / Drama / 14 minutes 

Director/Writer: Athena Mandis

Producer: Athena Mandis, Liz Farahadi

Cast: Liz Farahadi, Tabatha Howard

A mother forced to flee from her abusive partner with her daughter finds short-lived refuge, until she is unwittingly tracked down, with dire consequences.

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My Other Suit is Human.jpg
My Other Suit Is Human
UK / Drama / 18 minutes 

Director/Writer: Andrew Paul Montague

Producer: Kira Fitzpatrick

Cast: Bethany Blake, Simeon Oakes

Zoe, grieving for her deceased son, has become distant from her emotionally unavailable husband, who buries himself in work. Forced to deal with her grief alone, she seeks refuge in the form of a homemade robot suit. Slowly she starts to rediscover herself and her marriage.

Native Speaker.jpg
Native Speaker
Poland / Drama / 45 minutes  

Director/Writer: Alex Ochman

Producer: Ajit Sharma, Alex Ochman

Cast: Raphael Reboul, Bartosz Szpak 

In 1994, a British national living in Warsaw meets a tenant who will turn his life upside down. Both will switch identities with severe consequences as intrigue turns into obsession and violence.

Night And Day.jpg
Night And Day
UK / Drama / 19 minutes 

Director/Writer: Tim Fywell

Producer: Kelly Price, Edward Charlton

Cast: Claudia Jessie, Kelly Price

London. April 2020. A month into lockdown and two sisters are impelled to put all they hold dear at risk. One, a doctor, decides to speak out about the working conditions at her hospital. The other, a fledgling actress, dares to leave the house for the first time in weeks.

On-Off Licence_edited.jpg
On-Off Licence
UK / Drama / 9 minutes 

Director: Mark Field

Writer: Mark Field, Fanos Xenofós

Producer: A.M.N Collective

Cast: Fanos Xenofós, Mark Field

From either side of the Brexit divide... two men collide in an intense night of robbery, desperation and fury.

UK / Drama / 13 minutes 

Director/Writer: Jennifer James

Producer: Jennifer James, Adam Survay

Cast: Jennifer James, Clare Gleave

A young dancer who suffers from the pressures of being on a new elite team turns into a case of Anorexia, she must find her strength and see that she is enough as she is.

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Precious Hair and Beauty_edited.jpg
Precious Hair And Beauty
UK / Comedy / 11 minutes 

Director/Writer: John Ogunmuyiwa

Producer: Tony Longe, Sophia Gibber

Cast: Tomi Ogunjobi, Adjani Salmon

An ode to the mundanity and madness of the high street, told through the window of an African hair salon

Pub Kid_edited.jpg
Pub Kid
UK / Drama / 3 minutes

Director/Writer: Liam Young

Producer: Mollie Bromfield

Cast: Archie Hine, Denny Hodge

Pub Kid is yet again spending his school night in the pub. His parents are getting lairy with the other locals and Pub Kid clearly doesn’t want to be there. As Pub Kid explores the pub, he encounters multiple different people and situations that are extremely awkward.

UK / Drama / 7minutes 

Director/Writer: Pierre B

Producer: Pierre B, Gaelle Rikam B

Cast: Ruby Rae, Sarah-Stephanie

A young girl in her age of innocence discovers Rehak, a 
magical drawing hidden behind her bedroom wall.

Rehak (1).jpg