a mistake with the chairs2_edited.jpg
A Mistake With The Chairs
UK / Drama / 15 minutes

Director: Alistair Petrie

Writer: Dave Kajganich

Producer: AJ Quinn, Alistair Petrie

Cast: Yasmine Haller, Quelin Sepulveda

Six new teachers at a venerated English boarding school in the 1960s are drawn into a moral crisis regarding upsetting charges against their Headmaster’s son.

UK / Drama / 14 minutes

Director/Writer: Duncan Christie

Producer: Al Eales

Cast: Elizabeth Bouckley, Raphael Zari

Norfolk. England. Eve, a young nun, leaves her convent for the day to collect Luca from prison. They attempt to re-piece their relationship following a traumatic incident in their past that still haunts both of them.

Absolution (1).jpg
UK /  Drama / 13 minutes 

Director/Writer: Mike Ogden

Producer: Naomi Ayres

Cast:​ Sophie Shallai, Ahmad Sakhi

In 1943 a German housewife discovers six Jewish children by the side of the road driving home from shopping. Erna drives them back to her country villa, feeds them a meal, then has to decide the best thing to do with them according to her beliefs.

Arena (1).jpg
UK / Drama / 9 minutes 

Director/Writer: Michael Gamarano Singleton

Producer: Michael Gamarano Singleton, Chris Kyriacou

Cast: Karl Queensborough, Melissa Collier

Denzel follows the dating life of a young man on his journey to self-acceptance. He uses an alter ego to navigate through his social issues and self worth until finally reaching the perfect conclusion.

Denzel (1).jpg
UK / Drama / 13 minutes 

Director/Writer: Paul Preston

Producer: Holly Carrington

Cast: Eve Gordon, Lucas Jones

When promising young music student Aria suddenly finds her past coming back to haunt her in a very public way she must decide whether she wants to remain a victim, or take back control.

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Diseased and Disorderly.jpg
Diseased And Disorderly
UK / Animation / 13 minutes 

Director: Andrew Kötting

Writer: Andrew Kötting, Hattie Naylor

Producer: Rebecca Mark-Lawson

Cast: Eden Kötting 

This film uses the paintings, drawings and collages of the neurodiverse artist Eden Kötting to make imagistic gold. Assisted by her father Andrew Kötting, the 2D animator Glenn Whiting and the 3D animator Isabel Skinner the collaboration takes us on a phantasmagorical journey into a world of Eden’s making and then beyond.

Door Salesman Dave.JPG
Door Salesman Dave
UK / Comedy / 7 minutes 

Director/Writer: Ross Henson

Producer: Ross Henson, Ashley Harris

Cast: Ross Henson, Georgia Curtis

A prideful yet creepy Door Salesman, goes to great heights (literally) to close the sale. One couple are caught off guard and the situation becomes increasingly intense. He doesn't take no for an answer.

Guide Me Home_edited_edited.jpg
Guide Me Home
UK / Drama / 15 minutes

Director/Writer/Producer: Stefan Georgiou

Cast: Mat Laroche, Hannah Emanuel

David arrives in London with dreams of becoming a somebody, but when things don't go to plan he starts to slip between the cracks of the city he loves so much.

Hair Ties_edited.jpg
Hair Ties
UK / Comedy / 14 minutes 

Director/Writer: Elinor Coleman

Producer: Sofia Stephanou

Cast: Lorna Laidlaw, Aimee Powell

A mixed race child grieves the recent loss of her father and with the help of her gregarious and outspoken imaginary friend reclaims aspects of her cultural identity that seemed to disappear with him.

Heaven Come In.jpg
Heaven Come In
UK / Drama / 13 minutes

Director: Rebekah Davis

Writer: Marie Clare Friar

Producer: Louise Sinclair

Cast: Claire Rafferty, Joshua McLees

A young boy who loses his best friend, his Grandfather, finds a unique way to deal with his grief.

Her Majesty_edited.jpg
Her Majesty
UK / Drama / 16 minutes

Director: Rebekah Fortune

Writer: Carmela Corbett

Producer: Carmela Corbett, Pete Townshend

 Cast: Carmela Corbett, Barbara Marten

The future Queen of England stands alone in the English countryside, she must find a way to address her subjects. The year is 2020.

The audience will discover they are alive in the delusion of an old woman suffering from dementia and delusions, who believes she is the young Queen Elizabeth. Every day, she embarks on a fantastical journey; and every day, she is accompanied on that journey by Billy, her grandson, who often skips school in order to care for her.