What a fantastic experience! They couldn't have been more accommodating and helpful! We had a FANTASTIC time, and the packed house was wonderful to have watch our little comedy! Just a great festival all around! Bravo LA SHORTS!!! And THANK YOU!! - Jack Kenny



Great festival that knows what’s important...networking and getting people to see your film! We had a great screening with a large crowd. I was able to watch over 150 films while in town and was blown away by the crowds and the quality of the films! - J.R. Poli





This is an exceptional festival that lives up to the hype. I was blown away by the quality of the well curated programming and the savvy choices in terms of how the blocks were organized. I had such a wonderful and unforgettable experience both as a filmmaker and and as an audience member. Thank you! - John Charter


Great festival! Had a blast, fun parties, good networking, great programming. We sold out our screening which was great. The awards screening went a bit too late for a week night, but it was great seeing all the winning films. -K. Spencer Jones



This was an awesome festival, with tons of amazing films, the movies looked and sound amazing! They make you feel proud of your work by showing it correctly and with respect, and they are super nice people too. All the screenings I went were full or almost full, and the public there were really enthusiastic with the filmmakers! - Eddie Rubio


I love the experience I got in LA Shorts. From the opening night filmmaker mixer party to films screening, every thing is organized and comfortable. Absolutely, LA Shorts is a high level festival. Thank you! - Majik Zhou


POPPIES had it's North American premiere at LA Shorts Fest and I had a fantastic time participating in the festival this year. LA Shorts team did a great job connecting with film makers, and showcasing a wide range of films from different genres and countries. Each block had a good mix of films! Definitely look forward to meeting the team again and hopefully participating in future festivals. - Myles Yaksich

It was amazing having the World Premiere of our film in a such prestigious film festival. The festival was good for networking and the staff was very friendly. LA Shorts Fest surpassed my expectations. - Camila Rizzo


Great festival. I was honored to be a part of it. They really championed and take care of the filmmakers. The volunteers were great and so were the master classes. Hope to participate in this festival again! - Tricia Lee


Bravo on another stupendous achievement. It was a pleasure to participate in yet another stellar installment. You're the best of the best! - Marlene Sharp


Loved this fest! A professional and courteous staff, and a terrific screening venue. Great work, LA Shorts! - Matt McClung


A big thanks to the staff! You all put on a great festival. I especially enjoyed getting to network with other filmmakers. - Daniel Sima


I was so glad to be a part of this festival! They are fantastic at communicating and super nice. The films were all fantastic, as well as the panels I was able to attend. Definitely worth it!  - Ashley Campbell



"I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity you guys presented me by being a part of the LA Shorts! This was my first festival in LA and I'm happy it was! Everything went smoothly and was a joy the entire time. Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity, and some amazing memories!"  - Luca Pizzoleo - Filmmaker "Seeking Rebirth"



"Our film premiered at LA Shorts and it screened in the same block as the film that won, so it was in great company! This fest was fun, informative and lively, run by a staff who know what they're doing. Excellent communication from start to finish. Thanks to the entire team!"   

Ari Felix - Writer "The Others"



 "Was so honored to screen my film at LA Shorts this year. The communication was excellent, the events were super fun, and most importantly, the quality of the films was mind-blowing. I hope I'm lucky enough to screen here again someday. Thank you, LA Shorts!!" - Ursula Taherian - Writer "The Brownlist"



"A great festival and fun networking events. Thanks I had a blast." - Randall Whittinghill - Filmmaker "Zero-Zero" 



 "I was thrilled to premiere in L.A. at LA Shorts International Film Festival. The LAShorts Team was hugely helpful; the venues were great; and the films were impressive!"  - Jan Stanton - Writer "Think Fast"