USA / Sci-Fi / 5 minutes 

Director/Writer/Producer: Boris Schaarschmidt

Cast: Lane Wray, Laura K. Welsh

Major Remy Barnes is the first astronaut to make contact with extraterrestrials on board of an unidentified flying object in orbit around earth. “Hello – anyone home?”

Antumbra (1).jpg
USA / Sci-Fi / 7 minutes

Director: Andrew Reid

Writer: Jesenia Ruiz

Producer: Tabatha Laanui, Brian Grigsby

While on a routine mission, an astronaut soon finds herself battling for command, facing forces known -- and unknown -- intent on destroying her.

Blackout (1).jpg
Blank Shores.jpg
Blank Shores
UK /  Sci-Fi/Drama / 17 minutes

Director/Writer: Alex Kyrou

Producer: Clare Shields

Cast:​ Georgina Campbell, Gary Beadle

With the police unable to help, Emily takes it upon herself to investigate the disappearance of her partner. A small clue leads her to the discovery of an unregulated world far removed from her own. Soon, Emily's journey to reconnect becomes a struggle for survival.

Body of the Mined.jpg
Body Of The Mined
USA / Sci-Fi / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Eric Jungmann

Producer: Eric Jungmann, Natalie Hill

Cast: Elle Chapman, John Wersky

A quiet, young woman moves into a new building and meets a reclusive engineer at the brink of completing a bizarre, extraordinary machine.

Australia / Sci-fi / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Antony Webb

Producer: Jaclyn Hewer

Cast: Ben Mortley, Adriane Daff

A grief stricken miner finds himself injured on the desolate planet Carmentis and must overcome his personal demons in order to survive, but can he get there before the planet freezes?

Carmentis (1).jpg
Argentina / Sci-fi / 14 minutes

Director/Writer: Bruno Gradaschi

Cast: Andres Daian, Javier Roson

A world where everyone lives in the work stations and eats liquid food coming from dispensers. Workers that are only numbers fulfill incomprehensible and alienating tasks to earn points and reach a target to move up the chain and access a better life.
We know him as 079 and he keeps falling short leaving that promotion too far to reach. So he decides to steal the remaining points from his next door neighbor.

CONSUME (1).jpg
Everything I Learned Came From the Telev
Everything I Learned Came From The Television
USA / Sci-fi / 15 minutes 

Director/Writer/Producer: Jeremy Stewart

Cast: Josh Wingate, Stephanie Drake

In the start of a dystopian future, TV's have started to experiment with mind control. Hannah has the key to their power but does she have the will to escape? Or will she fall victim to their ways?

Hey, It's Me..jpg
Hey, It's Me.
USA / Sci-Fi / 12 minutes 

Director: Courtney Sposato, Mark Sposato

Cast: RJ Brown

A selfish man tries to alter his destiny when he receives an ominous phone call from his future self.

UK / Sci-Fi / 11 minutes 

Director: Ryan Andrews

Writer: Stephen Laughton

Producer: Liv Edmunds

Cast: Olivia Ross, Jonathan Forbes

Hiraeth explores one woman's grief at the edge of the solar system. The film tells the story of Commander Amber Jones, and her mission to research newly discovered life on Europa. She’s courted controversy her entire career, not least because Commander Jones is the daughter of child killer Crista Jones, the first woman to be hanged in Britain in 70-years. A leading astrobiologist, Amber will be the third astronaut to bear the United Kingdom patch and only the second British woman in space.

Hiraeth (1).jpg
USA / Sci-Fi / 7 minutes 

Director/Writer: Jackson Roberts

Cast: Joe Bianco

"Hollow" takes place 8,000 years after a nuclear apocalypse has left the sky permanently covered in fallout. The earth, hollowed out from geothermal energy extraction, has one last chance for a new form of power, but there are those who want to use that power for their own purposes.

Human Trash.jpg
Human Trash
Spain / Sci-Fi / 17 minutes 

Director: Aitor Almuedo Esteban

Writer/Producer: Aitor Almuedo Esteban, Francisco Javier Almuedo Esteban

Cast: Guillermo Llansó, Karlos Aurrekoetxea

A boy is thrown into a trash container from the future. In his frantic search for the exit, he runs into a misterious man, who will make him doubt the origin of his own existence.

I Am 
Germany / Sci-Fi / 27 minutes 

Director: Jerry Hoffmann

Writer: Florens Huhn

Producer: Stella Flicker

Cast: Sheri Hagen, Melodie Wakivuamina

One day, the withdrawn Noé finds a motionless android in the forest, takes it with her and reactivates it. It's the beginning of a strange relationship. Far too late, Noé realizes that the android is about to copy her personality.

USA / Sci-Fi / 17 minutes 

Director/Writer: Shaun Escayg

Producer: Marie Medina, Teri Bovell

Cast: Nida Khurshid, Stephen Hadeed

Teenage scavengers, Queen and her older brother, Birdie, are on their usual hustle of hunting down cargo drones. However, unbeknownst to Birdie, Queen has navigated the pair onto new paths, with the hopes of landing the ultimate payload, Nano-biotics. Queen’s plans go awry when her home-made honing device accidentally sounds, attracting unwanted attention. The siblings narrowly escape capture but, during the chaos, Birdie is shot in the stomach. With Birdie unconscious and consumed by a high fever, Queen must now attempt to hunt these very Nano-biotics on her own, if she’s to save her brother’s life.

Jack and Jo don't want to die.jpg
Jack And Jo Don't Want To Die
USA / Sci-Fi / 19 minutes 

Director/Writer: Kantu Lentz

Producer: Roja Gashtili, Shannon Gibson

Cast: Justin Kirk, Olivia Edward

Jack, a man disillusioned with life, works the night shift at a freezing facility where people choose to halt their lives. His life takes a turn on the night he chooses to freeze his own life when he meets Jo, a terminally ill girl being unfrozen early due to lack of funds.

Kairos, Qualitative Time
Spain / Sci-Fi / 16 minutes 

Director/Writer/Producer: Carlos Scasso

To curtail the spread of revolts against the System, the «Kairós Programme» has been activated by recruiting Isacaar, one of the insurgents, who will find himself faced with the chance of preserving something more important than his ideals.

UK  / Sci-Fi / 8 minutes 

Director/Writer: Adam Fair

Producer: Karen Taylor

Cast: Anton Saunders

Fleeing from a catastrophic accident aboard the International Space Station, a lone Cosmonaut faces a haunting spectre from his country’s past. But is it all just in his mind?

LAIKA (1).jpg
Lost Beyond the Stars.jpg
Lost Beyond The Stars
USA / Sci-Fi / 9 minutes 

Director/Writer: Kayla Arend

Producer: Kayla Arend, Ciaran Maginn

Cast: Gregory J. Connors, Camila Moreno

While on an interplanetary exploration, Captain Lorena is betrayed by the one person she thought she could trust. 

Lorena is the captain of a Mars exploration crew when Martians attack. Her oxygen is low. Communication devices are broken. Her colleague and lover, Barren, sees Lorena help an injured male crewmate. Overwhelmed with jealousy, Barren leaves Lorena to die on this lonely planet.

UK / Sci-Fi / 16 minutes 

Director/Writer: Richard Prendergast

Producer: Rachel Prendergast, Max Mason

Cast: Solly Mcleod, Phil Reeve

One young warrior's fight for his life, told through the eyes of his little sister. Infused with imagination, tragedy and magic, Maximus is a journey seen through the lens of a child.

Maximus (1).jpg
Never Stop Dreaming_edited.jpg
Never Stop Dreaming
USA / Sci-Fi / 9 minutes 

Director/Writer: Reagan Elkin

Producer: Callie Fay Nichols, Andrew Appleyard

Cast: Rob Gallavan, Madilyn Kellam

Never Stop Dreaming is about childhood dreams and the wonder of outer space. It's an encouragement to keep dreaming even through hard and frustrating circumstances. The plot for the film serves as an inspiration for mankind to look beyond the moon and into interplanetary space travel. To explore worlds beyond our own, with Mars as the next step.

USA / Sci-Fi / 22 minutes 

Director: Isaac Mead-Long

Writer: Maggy Torres-Rodriguez

Producer: Marie Medina, Teri Bovell

Cast: Owen Miller, Audrey Loye

The film follows John and Mary who live in a near-future, technologically advanced time where trees no longer exist outside in nature. Determined to reignite their lust for life, John takes it upon himself to build a secret indoor garden for his wife...accidentally unleashing a mysterious magic into their home.

Pallavi (1).jpg
Polvotron 500_edited.jpg
Polvotron 500
Spain / Sci-Fi / 11 minutes 

Director: Silvia Conesa

Writer/Producer: Pablo Rivas, Silvia Conesa

Cast: Nuria Deulofeu, Gerard Matarí

Year 2065. Charly is a gray man in a world without hope dominated by large corporations, where everything has a price, even to rest without being besieged by publicity. Charly habitually sleep in an old holographic booth, POLVOTRÓN 500, where you arrange so that nobody bothers.
One night he accidentally activated the resident sexual hologram, «Niky», without knowing that it is a new model with improved quantum intelligence …

Australia / Sci-Fi / 15 minutes 

Director/Writer: Shane Joseph Willis

Producer: Vikki Blinks

Cast: Michael Shanahan, Alice Chaston

A thief who downloads memories and information to sell to the highest bidder is cornered by a mysterious woman who wants information of her own; but the woman is not all that she appears.

Remembrance (1).jpg
USA / Sci-Fi / 10 minutes 

Director/Writer: Nick Azzaro

Producer: Syuzanna Avetisyan

Cast: Sarah Lee Harter, Ryon Thomas, Carli Duda

In the year 2143, a young woman confronts her childhood trauma within a virtual reality therapy session.

Retrieval (1).jpg
Australia / Sci-Fi / 18 minutes 

Director/Writer: Tony Radevski

Producer: Pete Ireland

Cast: Zen McGrath, Bernie Van Tiel

Sean (16) and Lusi (20) exist in a world overrun by the epidemic of a drug called RIZE, which makes your body float off the ground while your mind experiences lucid memories. Coming across each other by accident, Sean (16) and Lusi (20) spot a floating, but untethered, RIZE user (a ‘fallen’) and wait for him to drop from the sky.

USA / Sci-Fi / 18 minutes 

Director: Jonny Zeller

Writer: Bryan Bagby

Producer: Tim Frazier, Jackson Rathbone

Cast: Meg DeLacy, Jeremy Shada

“Scars” is a short film born from a writing prompt response by user u/wercwercwerc. It received over a million views, tens of thousands of upvotes, and was gilded ten times. In a world where every lie a person tells leaves a permanent mark on their body, the new boot camp instructor without a single scar is an anomaly… until one cadet discovers a single, massive sore across his back, leaving everyone on base wondering what terrible lie could create something so gruesome.

SCARS (1).jpg
Shoot Your Shot.jpg
Shoot Your Shot
Canada / Sci-Fi / 7 minutes 

Director/Producer: Madison Thomas, Meegwun Fairbrother

Writer: Madison Thomas

Cast: Skye Pelletier, Meegwun Fairbrother

Tover, a teenager on the frontlines battling a future alien invasion. However, it’s not the aliens that terrify Tover. It’s the idea of asking out his crush, fellow soldier Savoy!

Kazakhstan / Sci-Fi / 23 minutes 

Director/Writer: Kuka

Producer: Magzhan Madiyev

Cast: Shoqan Chupanbayev, Nuray Baurzhan

In future, lessons in schools will be different from what they are now. To study history, students are immersed in the world of virtual reality. So, in one of the lessons on the Famine theme, a student named Shoqan notices that virtual reality is quite real.

Shoqan (1).jpg
USA  / Sci-Fi / 25 minutes 

Director: Drew Anthony

Writer: Juston Graber, Drew Anthony

Producer: Juston Graber

Cast: Juston Graber, Drew Anthony

In 2027, a pandemic, caused by a deadly virus known as Truci Morbis has forced society into a new normal under martial law as the populas navigates around mandated laws surrounding the wearing of facial masks.

Spread (1).jpg
Terrible Things.jpg
Terrible Things
Ireland / Sci-Fi / 10 minutes 

Director/Writer/Producer: Ciarán Hickey

Cast: Claire J. Loy

Amidst the dead uninhabitable world of the future, the refuge of a forgotten country cottage affords a lone wanderer opportunity to acknowledge the lingering strands of her own humanity.

The ARK.jpg
The Ark
USA  / Sci-Fi / 15 minutes 

Director: Benjamin South

Writer: A.M. Khalifa

Producer: Benjamin South, Scott Schwartz-Owen

Cast: Shaq. B Grant, Laura Hanna

Parked outside a remote hotel somewhere in England, Herbert and Jacinda are meeting for the first time. Both of them know what the mission is: kill the woman in Room 29. But are they about to administer justice or commit coldblooded murder? Only one of them knows the truth.

The End.jpg
The End
USA  / Sci-Fi / 11 minutes 

Director/Writer: Tommy Kenney

Producer: Francis Jordan

Cast: Maxine Christians, Tommy Kenney

When their relationship turns sour, A space farmer and his ship's artificial intelligence must fight a bigger challenge then their impending break up.

The Other Side.jpg
The Other Side
South Africa / Sci-Fi / 13 minutes 

Director/Writer: John DeVries

Producer: Greg Kriek

Cast: Greg Kriek, Jane DeWet

A young woman and her pursuer are transported into an alternate dimension that challenges their view on reality. After coming into contact with an ancient being, their lives are transformed forever.

The Prospector.jpg
The Prospector
USA  / Sci-Fi / 14 minutes 

Director/Writer/Producer: Wade Chitwood

Cast: Kevin Janusz, George N. Bukota

A lone man searches for his place in the Universe. This journey takes the prospector to a place where he has to look directly at his soul and decide what he is willing to sacrifice to achieve his ambitions.

USA  / Sci-Fi / 8 minutes 

Director/Writer: Jared Taylor Smith

Producer: Jared Taylor Smith, Joshua Galbincea

Cast: Robert Cumming, Joshua Gelbincea

In a distant, apocalyptic future a desperate man is hunted down for a mysterious object.

Trace (1).jpg
UK  / Sci-Fi / 13 minutes 

Director: Aletha Shepherd

Writer: Liam Lacy

Producer: Aletha Shepherd, Rhiannon Wirth

Cast: Aletha Shepherd, Wil Johnson

A young woman elects to have her dead father's consciousness transferred into a smart speaker, but finds it makes the grieving process even harder.

Transference (1).jpg
Ireland / Sci-Fi / 15 minutes 

Director/Writer: Carleton Rodgers

Producer: Michael Costello

Cast: Jackson Allen, Jack McAvoy

UFOs? Alien abduction? A boy finds the key to extraterrestrial connection but loses his brother in the process. Can he re-connect to get him back?

Transmission (1).jpg
USA  / Sci-Fi / 12 minutes 

Director/Writer: Bethany Yeap

Producer: Ruya Koman

Cast: Mitzi Akaha, Chrissie Capobianco

Set in the year 2037, Undercurrent unravels the exploitation of a young artist as she struggles to navigate a seedy, underground art auction.

Undercurrent (1).jpg
UK / Sci-Fi / 14 minutes 

Director: Andrew McGee

Writer: Andrew McGee, Tara Shehata

Producer: Claudia Kaleta, Andrew McGee

Cast: Margaret Clunie, Phoebe French

Iris, torn out of her idyllic digital world and uploaded into a stolen synthetic body by her grieving mother, must face her body's objectification and violent potential in a dark future.

You will never be back.jpg
You Will Never Be Back
Spain / Sci-Fi / 14 minutes 

Director/Writer/Producer: Mónica Mateo

Cast: Ximena Vera, Chumo Mata

Ana and David say goodbye like any other day. The young lady has plans, but she won't be late. However, something extraordinary happens; something that alters her reality and changes everything completely.