USA / Sci-Fi / 13 mins

Director/Writer: Jesse Gi

Producer: Jesse Gi, Grant Singer

Cast: Dia Frampton, Olivia Cordell

A down-on-her-luck thief, gifted with a teleportation device, must fulfill one final job in order to save her family.

Cosmic Fling
USA / Sci-Fi / 10 mins

Director: Jonathan Langager

Writer: Jonathan Langager, Ali Scher

Producer: Christian Hall

Cast: Josh Fadem, Caitlin McGee

Cosmic Fling is the tale of Stan, an intergalactic garbage man who lives alone on an asteroid. To feed himself, he harpoons space debris and converts it into nourishment. To feed his soul, he dreams only of love. One day, he spots Beatrice, a fellow astronaut stranded on a passing comet. He falls instantly in love...but must wait for her comet to return. In order to be with her, he will need to resort to extreme measures.

USA /  Sci-Fi/Horror / 22 mins

Director/Writer: Astor Stark

Producer: Astor Stark, Sage Sokol

Cast:​ Gabriel Sousa, Raven Miles

Climate change, class-ism, and cannibals, OH MY! Long into the aftermath of climate change, the cycle of oppression continues... underground. The wealthy have enslaved the poor, farming them for meat. When plans of a revolt surface, Nuke must decide whether to rebel against the system, or remain in the only world he’s ever known.

USA / Sci-Fi / 10 mins

Director: Julian Davis

Writer: David Evans

Producer: Megan Umansky

Cast: Elle Chapman, John Wersky

In the distant future, a rookie cop named hunter arrives at a crime scene that leaves her with more questions than answers.

Love and Fifty Megatons
Germany / Sci-fi / 41 mins

Director: Cornelius Schick

Writer: Janosch Kosack

Producer: Marvin Marte, Jossephine Roß

Cast: Hendrik Heutmann, Martina Schöne-Radunski

In a city divided by a wall and a cold war, technician Paul falls in love with the rocket Mary. Paul's friend Friedrich uses this forbidden love to get approval for the first strike. Paul convinces Mary to stop Armageddon by tearing down the wall. They succeed, but Friedrich has already started the nuclear weapons. Mary sacrifices herself to save Paul's dream. The city is united and begins with the rearmament against the "enemies from outside".

USA / Sci-fi / 23 mins

Director: Jamie Parslow

Writer: Jamie Parslow, Christopher Geno

Producer: Christopher Geno, Oto Gomez

Cast: Giavani Cairo, Taylor Lebaugh

A short film about friendship, growing up, and coping with the inevitability of death, this grounded science-fiction film plants its feet firmly in a world where technology takes a back seat to every day drama, and the want for more in a town with no way out.

USA / Sci-fi / 15 mins

Director/Writer: Sarah Phillips

Producer: Laetitia Leon, Sarah Phillips

Cast: Laetitia Leon, Murtaza Ali

The year is 2289, and all that’s left on Planet Earth is the domed city Old Centauri, roaming sun flares that scorch the land, and the nomadic tribes that mitigate the two. Kiirke comes from one such tribe, and she must travel to Old Centauri, along with her brother, to seek a small fortune to save her family.

Canada / Sci-Fi / 13 mins

Director: Marco Baldonado

Writer: Marco Baldonado, Walter Woodman

Producer: Jeremiah Lapointe, Mark Zibert

Cast: Rosa Forlano, Simon Dragland

Rosa Forlano, a 90 year old Nonna, falls in love with a robot while teaching it how to make spaghetti. Unfortunately, her family recipe is erased by a software update.Rosa Forlano, a 90 year old Nonna, falls in love with a robot while teaching it how to make spaghetti. Unfortunately, her family recipe is erased by a software update.

New Zealand / Sci-Fi / 15 mins

Director: Bruno du Bois

Writer: Aline Tran

Producer: Carlos Ramirez Laloli

Cast: Laura Thompson, John Bach

In 2032, Zealandia has become the only virus free country left on earth but at a high cost to its population due to intrusive medical regulations. But, could the bag carried by a fearless woman be the downfall of this oppressive state?