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Niagara Falls.jpg
Niagara Falls
USA / Drama / 5 minutes

Director/Writer: Victor Bellomo, Tara Sickmeier

Producer: Victor Bellomo, Tara Sickmeier

Cast: Andrea Margaret

At the edge of her life, a woman must confront a cascade of hopes, desires and fallen dreams.

USA / Drama / 25 minutes

Director: Alex Popov

Writer: Bradford James Jackson

Producer: Alex Popov, Bradford James Jackson

Cast: Bradford James Jackson, Jeremy Blake, Eric Holzschuh, Lance Graham-Hanes, Levi A. Taylor

AD 613, after an brutal war, a group of vikings attempt the long journey back to their village. What they encounter along the way is far from this world.

Picturing My Mind.JPG
Picturing My Mind
USA / Animation / 2 minutes

Director: Vinicius Costa

Picturing My Mind is a whimsical animated journey through the doors of past memories. A visual poem that explores the profound relationship between the experiences that shape all of us — past and present — the story is told by a young immigrant woman, who gracefully dances through a series of romanticized scenes, with each door revealing the moments that have come to shape her.

USA / Drama / 20 minutes

Director: Vince Williams

Writer: Vince Williams, Jarrett Ksiazek

Producer: Rachel Lebak, Vince Williams, Jarrett Ksiazek

Cast: Jacob Young, Amanda Baker, Ethan Pogue, McTyere Parker

Based on a true story, Apollo astronaut John S. Bull is determined to be the first man on the moon. He and his wife Nancy are an unstoppable force, about to come into contact with the immovable object of the NASA training gauntlet during the pinnacle days of the space race.

USA / Drama / 13 minutes

Director/Writer: Seth Christian

Producer: Seth Christian

During her last days, a grandmother finds a special bond between her past and her granddaughter.

USA / Drama / 18 minutes

Director: William Pisciotta

Producer: William Pisciotta, Zach Franklin

Cast: Virginia Newcomb, Gene Gallerano, Zach Franklin, Devan Katherine

A closeted woman cleaning pools in South Florida is met with a risky opportunity to change her lot in life.

Slow Moving Houses.JPG
Slow Moving Houses
USA / Fantasy / 8 minutes

Director/Writer: Mischa Jakupcak

Producer: Wes Hurley

Cast: Conner Marx, Maddie Holland

While a man is in the midst of an existential crisis, a mysterious young girl appears and leads him into a future he can’t imagine for himself, forever altering the course of his life.

The Man in the Tree.jpg
The Man in the Tree
USA / Drama / 22 minutes

Director/Writer: Weber Keith Griffiths

Producer: Albert James May

Cast: Tommy Yates, Jake Ulasich, Jeff Dickamore

After the death of his mother, a little boy encounters a magical creature in the woods who promises to return her to him if he will simply chop down the tree he is trapped within

The Principal's Assembly.jpg
The Principal's Assembly
USA / Drama / 18 minutes

Director: Jordan Ancel
Writer: Seth Chitwood

Producer: Evan Schneider, Seth Chitwood, Jordan Ancel

Cast: Pamela Jayne Morgan, Anna Rizzo, Marilyn Busch, Sal Rendino

After the tragic loss of a student, high school principal Jane Marino insists on delivering a sobering speech on the first day of school, however, her emotional stability is called into question.

The Ritz.JPG
The Ritz
USA / Drama / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Allex Tarr

Producer: Melanie Hooks, Della Anderson, Leah Dubuc, AJ Del Cueto

Cast: Abby Minor, Lior Selve, Ayden Layne, Adam Hampton, Allex Tarr

In 1950s Oklahoma, a 16-year-old girl must escape her abusive father by running away with her first love.

West Bottoms2.jpg
West Bottoms
USA / Drama / 20 minutes

Director/Writer: Gregory Sheffer

Producer: Jen Lytle, Seth Carnell, Gregory Sheffer

Cast: Corey Love, Katherine Rodriguez, George Forbes

Larry Poole is a drifter. Most nights, he can barely sleep while battling regret from decades of bad decisions. The kind of decisions that would drive anyone away…including his only daughter Jessica.

Where Has Sam's Shadow Gone_edited.jpg
Where Has Sam's Shadow Gone?
USA / Animation / 6 minutes

Director/Writer: Tom Taylor

Producer: Tom Taylor

Cast: Sam, Duke Dolls

Sam wakes up to find that his shadow is missing. With the help of his dog, Duke, Sam sets off on an
incredible adventure through beautiful landscapes and unimaginable places.
Can you help Sam find his shadow?

worm radio 2.JPG
Worm Radio
USA / Drama / 15 minutes

Director: Austin Smith

Writer: Austin Smith, Harrison Dove-Green

Producer: Rachel Lebak

Cast: Lacey Caroline

The story of how Ellie Miller got to space.

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