The Sound of Hope II
Canada / Drama / 20 mins

Director/Writer: Frank Cui

Producer: Yifan Ning, Frank Cui

Cast: Tony Mu

A man from Wuhan, China loses everything during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now he’s only got one more thing to lose. Until he received a call from a friend for life. The dying heart reignited by hope.

Fragile Moon
USA / Drama / 25 mins

Director/Writer: Phyllis Tam

Producer: ZiJing Shi, Haibin Li

Cast: Baotong Xu, Xiaojia Li

A bittersweet film about an elderly immigrant, who is also a Peking Opera performer, trying to find a way home to visit his dying mother in China.

Grandpa's Long March
USA / Drama / 15 mins

Director/Writer: Bolun Wei

Producer: Andrew York

Cast: Andy Sun, Antony Lien

Grandpa’s Long March is a heartwarming road trip story about a
Chinese veteran suffering from Alzheimer's, his journey to reunite with his grandson who goes to college in Los Angeles, with the help from some people he might just have a chance to celebrate the Spring Festival together.

Happy Wife
USA /  Drama / 7 mins

Director/Writer: Jiacheng Cheng

Producer: Liam Young

Cast:​ Briana Liu

What happens to personal relationships in a future where we share our lives with artificially intelligent objects. Could a loveless marriage in China be augmented by a digital AI idol exploded from the screen of a Qing dynasty TV drama? Digital companionship, personalized to individual desires and obsessions is streamed into our homes through dating game platforms and online or offline merchandise. Is the AI chatbot there for love, or for freemium in-app purchases?

Hard Day
China /  Drama / 17 mins

Director/Writer: Guoqun Nie

Producer: Anqi Zhao

Cast:​ Liqiang Sang

Coming soon...

Hong Kong / Drama / 28 mins

Director: Hin Kong Chan

Writer: Lok Yung Lo

Producer: Chun Wai Ng

Cast: Chi Yip Kung, Hoi Ning Chan

After a dispute between Tsz Him and his mother, his mother decides to remarry and move to the USA. Overwhelmed by the farewell, he vents out his frustration by injuring himself.

I'm Not Lying
USA / Drama / 15 mins

Director/Writer/Producer: Weiyu Sun

Cast: Chen Chen Julian

How can a Chinese girl survive in a Chinese red terrorist political struggle!

USA / Suspense / 29 mins

Director: Jacky Song

Writer: Jordan Dotson, Zack Zhang

Producer: Katie Anne Moy, Jacky Song

Cast: Tom Wade , Autumn Harrison

1995, Los Angeles, when a young woman claims to have teleported from the past, her primary doctor begins to believe her story and decides to take the investigation into his own hands, unveiling the truth behind an uncanny story.

Magic Kingdom
Hong Kong / Drama / 15 mins

Director: Nelson Ng Chak Hei

Writer: Nicholas Shay, Nelson Ng Chak Hei

Producer: Hillary Tzeng

Cast: Paul Kwo, Trevis Zhang

The story is set in 1997 against the backdrop of the looming handover. Kit, a middle-aged single parent, brings his son from Hong Kong to California under the pretense of visiting Disneyland. The son, Chun, comes to realize the real intention of the trip is for his own adoption.

Magician: Game of Detective
China / Suspense / 30 mins

Director/Writer: Tanxuan Shi

Producer: Peipei Duan, Zeron Zhao

Cast: Anthony Tai, Lauren Rodriguez 

Zhang Cheng, an Chinese magician who wants to prove himself, is discovered by FBI agent Storm while he's studying in the United States. He will use his talent of face changing and traditional Chinese tricks knowledge to help the FBI to catch the Japanese female burglar Octopus who is proficient in face changing and cross dressing. A "face changing vs face changing" game begins...

The Speech
USA / Drama / 25 mins

Director/Writer: Haohao Yan

Producer: Xiaoxiao Li

Cast: Harmonie He, Gloria Xiong

May 2003, Beijing, China. Under the pressure of WHO, the Chinese
government announced that the SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) outbreak is real. The city is closed. Most students have been sent home. During a lockdown inside a private boarding school, three eight-year-old girls have to find a way to make sense of the world.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
China / Drama / 12 mins

Director/Writer/Producer: Shiyue Xu

Cast: Jiaxi Chen, Zhilv Zhang

Throughout Tommy’s life, the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” has undergone many changes that mirror his journey through the different stages of his life.

Winter's Winter
USA / Drama / 16 mins

Director/Writer: Jiajun Wang

Producer: Yiheng Guo

Cast: Yunzhi Wang, Tom Chou, Yujia Gu

It’s a story about a new illegal immigrant from China, named Winter who just finds herself a job in a Chinese restaurant, has to decide her fate after the owner's sexual harassment.