USA / Music / 23 minutes

Director: John Barnhardt

Writer: John Barnhardt, Grant Boerner

Producer: Alex Boyd

Cast: Daniel Jones

Aging rocker Danny Jones heads home to be by his ailing mother’s side but finds himself on old stomping grounds, steeped in bittersweet glory days, as he tries to cope with her sudden passing, his past, and an uncertain road ahead.

Devil in Me.jpg
Devil In Me
USA / Music / 3 minutes

Director: Lola Blanc

Producer: Liz Maupin, Satanic Planet

Cast: Jeremy Radin, Autumn Best

A priest performs an exorcism--and unexpected evil comes to call. Narrative music video for Satanic Planet, the new band from Lucien Greaves (founder of the Satanic Temple), Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Justin Pearson (The Locust), and Luke Henshaw.

Fallen Prince.jpg
Fallen Prince
Canada / Dance / 24 minutes

Director: Lukas Dong

Writer: Kate Orsini

Producer: Lily Darragh Harty

Cast:​ Alex Stonehouse, Stephanie George

In the classic fairy-tale The Nutcracker, Clara rescues the Prince from evil. In 2020, evil is the uncertainty that torments a young dancer pursuing a career in ballet. Separated from his family, Alex spends the cold, pandemic ridden winter in isolation and is forced to re-examine everything that was once familiar, until he meets his Clara.

Fallen Prince.jpg
India / Music / 5 minutes

Director: Harmeet Rahal, Saahil Bhargava

Writer: Saahil Bhargava

Producer: Marlene Sharp

Cast: Saahil Bhargava

Kohima is a music video for an original song written and performed by Saahil Bhargava. The heart-wrenching rock ballad focuses on the trauma of soldiers at war. Using the backdrop of the Battle of Kohima from World War 2, the video employs rotoscope animation to explore the despair and desperation that comes in the heat of a brutal battle.

Kohima (1).jpg
UK / Dance / 13 minutes 

Director/Writer: Jennifer James

Producer: Adam Survay, Jennifer James

Cast: Jennifer James, Clare Gleave

A young dancer who suffers from the pressures of being on a new elite team turns into a case of Anorexia, she must find her strength and see that she is enough as she is.

Physique (1).jpg
See Me2.JPG
See Me: A Global Concert
Switzerland / Music / 25 minutes 

Director: Bernadette Wegenstein, Nico Daswani

Producer: Nico Daswani, Annette Porter

Cast: Yo-Yo Ma, Marin Alsop

An original musical film about the power of hope and connection during a global pandemic. Filmed as a cinematic musical experience, See Me poetically interweaves the musical contributions of orchestras and choirs in Afghanistan, Austria, Brazil, China, Italy, South Africa and the United States, into a singular moment of beauty and unity that will remind us for years to come of this very moment in history.

See Me2.JPG.jpg
When Winter Comes.jpg
When Winter Comes 
UK / Music / 5 minutes 

Director: Geoff Dunbar

Writer: Paul McCartney

Producer: Ben Chappell

Paul McCartney explained, the great thing for me about this album is that I didn’t know I was actually making an album and it all started with this track really. The music I was working on was for a short animation film about the song ‘When Winter Comes’. I made a record called ‘Calico Skies’ a while ago that George Martin recorded, and at the same time because I was in the studio, I just thought oh wait a minute there’s this other song I’ve just written, so I did ‘When Winter Comes’!